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Many gather in the office at Forrester, as Eric thanks Katie for saving Quinn’s life. Eric directs Pam on how to deal with the press in regards to Sheila then offers Katie a job in marketing. “Quinn?” Katie asks. “What do you think?” Quinn can’t object, ivy-katie-eric-quinn-ridge-forrester-bb-hwKatie saved her life. “It’s really fortunate that you and Ridge are practically living under the same roof,” Charlie nonchalantly interrupts. “It comes in handy.” Pam glares at Charlie, aghast by his words to Quinn, who gasps and sputters. Sheila’s brought up, leaving Quinn to voice her concerns about how much she still appears to carry a torch for Eric. Later, alone with Katie and Ridge, Quinn thanks her again and hopes they can move on – for Eric’s sake. “No more veiled threats, no more blackmail,” Katie promises then leaves. Ridge and Quinn believe their secret is safe.

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At Spencer Publications, Wyatt is stunned to hear Deacon asked Bill to post bail for him and lashes out about him almost killing his mother. Bill makes jokes about one little bullet not being a threat to Quinn’s life, unless bill-wyatt-at-spencer-bb-hwit was a silver bullet or maybe if someone shoved a stake through her heart – if she has a heart. Wyatt isn’t amused. Bill giggles, “I don’t hate your mother, not as much as I used to.” Over talk of Katie coming to the rescue, Bill thinks Quinn owes her big time. He can’t believe how Eric dotes on Quinn and claims it’s only a matter of time before she screws it up. After Bill leaves, Katie appears. Wyatt learns she’s taking over his old job at Forrester. Katie wants to pick his brain.

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Brooke wraps up a meeting at Il Giardino and is stunned to see Sheila, who wants to apologize for her past mistakes. Sheila gets a bad vibe when Brooke doesn’t seem impressed by her praise of Eric’s new wife. “You don’t like Quinn?” Brooke denies any hard feelings. Sheila once again apologizes for their past. Brooke smiles then leaves. Sheila’s true colors come out and she snaps at a fellow patron who accidentally bumps into her. Suddenly, Sheila picks up on a conversation about Eric at a nearby table. She listens as Charlie rants about wanting to look out for Eric – because of Quinn. Pam demands Charlie drop this obsession with Quinn. Sheila peers in their direction as Charlie babbles about Ridge rushing to Quinn’s rescue. When Pam gets called away, Sheila approaches Charlie and says, “I heard you say something about Eric Forrester.” Sheila claims she’s an old friend of Eric’s and plays on Charlie’s concern for him. She wants to help, looks into his eyes and seethes, “Please, tell me Charlie.”

Eric and Brooke discuss Sheila in the Forrester design office. Brooke relays how interested Sheila appeared to be with his new wife.

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