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In the design office at Forrester, Zende works to reason with Nicole – Lizzie is Rick and Maya’s daughter. He thinks part of her knows this isn’t right, and tries to make her see how taking the baby would affect their livelihoods and families. Zende assures her they’ll start their own family. Nicole argues she can’t do it for them, and worries that Lizzie was her only chance. She goes on about her connection to the child and reveals that her father sees it too. Zende doesn’t know where Julius is leading her, but it’s not right. Nicole needs time and asks Zende to try to understand. Julius-Maya-berate-BB-HWIn the boardroom, Rick expresses hope to Maya that Zende will convince Nicole to do the right thing. Julius arrives unexpectedly and brings up the adoption. He raises his eyebrows when Rick asserts that Nicole will sign the papers. Debate ensues until Rick leaves to speak with Carter. Julius turns back to Maya and proposes that maybe the clerical error doesn’t need to be fixed. He then launches into a diatribe about what Nicole is going through and accuses Maya of being selfish. “How could you live with yourself if you knew you took away the only child that your sister could ever have?” Maya argues that Lizzie is her baby; Nicole was her surrogate. Julius snarls that genetically and legally Lizzie is Nicole’s child and hollers, “Give her back to her mother!” Just then, Zende enters and confronts Julius, telling his father-in-law he needs to know his boundaries. Julius shouts about Zende coming in there all high and mighty – he’ll never stop protecting Nicole and that’s a fact! He makes a jab about Maya not being able to be a mother and Zende defends her. He orders Julius to stay out of his marriage and away from Maya. Julius exits, and Maya thanks Zende as they embrace.

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At Spectra, Thomas and Sally continue to canoodle in the sweaty office with no air-conditioning. They laugh as he recalls Forrester had elevator problems back in the day. Thomas assures her there is no place he’d rather be than right there with her. Sally loves the new logo, but notes Saul is concerned about the new, expensive changes.Thomas-Sally-saved-me-BB-HW Thomas thinks he’s just jealous. Sally assures him that her staff wants the company to succeed. “It’s going to be amazing.” Talk turns to Coco. Sally’s glad she’s happy doing her own thing, though she’d love to have her there. Thomas points out that Coco forgave her, and now she needs to forgive herself. They kiss. After, Thomas credits Sally with giving him the courage to go out on his own and remember why he loved this business. He fell in love with her because she’s fearless and unique. Thomas thanks her with a kiss because she saved him.

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