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In the design office at Forrester Creations, Rick gets worked up while confronting Nicole about signing the papers. Zende bursts in and tells him to back up. “Don’t you ever raise your voice to my wife again!” Rick apologizes but is frustrated – he doesn’t understand why Nicole is threatening his family. Zende is taken aback to hear that his wife won’t sign. In the photo studio, Coco assures RJ she’s happy at Forrester despite the changes at Spectra. She realizes how close she came to losing all of this, which would have been hard to get over. Coco switches gears and begins worrying about Nicole. She thinks she’s getting worse and wishes she could help. In the boardroom, Rick rejoins Maya and they hope Zende will get through to Nicole. Rick holds Maya and tries to be reassuring. Maya won’t be able to rest easy until Nicole signs the papers. Nicole-Zende-gift-BB-HWBack in the design office, Zende wonders why Nicole needs more time, and worries he should have been more supportive since they got the bad news from the doctor. Nicole tries to explain her confused feelings. Zende gently but firmly reminds her Lizzie is Rick and Maya’s daughter. Nicole talks about carrying that little girl for nine months. Zende says she can’t give them that beautiful gift and then take it away. Nicole regrets scaring Rick and Maya, but feels a pull whenever she holds Lizzie. “She called me Momma.” Zende can’t understand how that feels, but insists this isn’t healthy. Zende takes Nicole by the hand and leads her to the adoption papers.

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At Spectra Fashions, Thomas has stripped off his shirt since the air-conditioner has broken down. Sally suggests he take a look at it, as there doesn’t seem to be a lot he can’t do. Thomas turns serious and reassures her that they are going to make a success of their partnership. They work away as they sweat. Thomas admits the press hasn’t been returning his calls and repping Spectra is more difficult than he anticipated. Sally’s not surprised as she’s used to it. Sally-Thomas-heat-wave-CBSSoon, her top is unbuttoned as the heat becomes oppressive. Thomas apologizes for not understanding how hard she had to scrape to get by – he took things for granted at Forrester. They perch on the desk and kiss. Sally confirms it’s always been this hard for her, but now she doesn’t have to do it alone. She knows it’s not going to be easy, but believes Spectra will finally get the respect it deserves. They rehash the ‘chiseled superhero saving Spectra from certain doom’. Thomas says trying to ignore his feelings for her was impossible. Sally declares that despite the heat, he just gave her goosebumps. They kiss some more.

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