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In the Forrester boardroom, Rick tells Zende all they need is Nicole’s signature on the adoption papers and the issue will be behind them. Rick assures Zende that Nicole will give him the precious gift of a child, just as she did them. Nicole-Maya-sign-off-BB-HWIn the design office, Nicole tells Maya she can’t sign and needs more time. Maya argues that this is just a formality and states again, “Sign the papers.” Nicole seems to tune her sister out as she paces and says, “I thought it was over. I thought it was done.” She goes on about the way Lizzie looked at her and felt in her arms when Maya was in Paris. Maya knows Nicole is going through a tough time, but it has nothing to do with Lizzie. Nicole says she’s struggling with certain feelings and refuses to sign the papers. In the corridor, Carter mentions the paperwork issue to Julius, but assures him it’s nothing to be concerned about – everything will be squared away once Nicole adds her signature.

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In the Forrester photo studio, Zende runs into Coco, and talk turns to Nicole’s need for support. Coco tells Zende that Nicole expressed the thought that giving up Lizzie may have been a mistake. Zende mentions the adoption papers, but assures Coco it will be fine. They both agree they’ll be there for Nicole. Meanwhile, Maya joins Rick in the boardroom. He looks at her face and asks what’s wrong. Maya reports that Nicole is a wreck and couldn’t sign the papers. Rick becomes angry and Maya gets emotional. He declares he’ll get the papers signed. In the design office, Julius questions Nicole about the adoption papers. She feels overwhelmed and rehashes everything that’s happened recently. Nicole expresses her love for Lizzie. Julius says the girl is her daughter, and he doesn’t think the adoption issue is a coincidence. He plants the idea that Lizzie knows Nicole is her mother. Nicole tries to stop Julius as he goes on about her being a natural mother. Julius tells her not to sign the papers. After Julius goes, Rick enters and barks, “Sign the papers.” He rants that they have been Lizzie’s parents all this time – has Nicole even thought about her? Nicole retorts that she loves her and carried her. Rick knows she’s having infertility issues, and they’ll be there for her, but it has zero to do with Lizzie. “I am that little girl’s father, and Maya is her mother!” He chokes up yelling about how much he loves that little girl and declares that Nicole will never take her away from them. “It’s never going to happen!”

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