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Ridge enters the Forrester mansion where Quinn is still rattled. They rehash Ridge saving her life and her love confession. Ridge is just glad she’s safe. Eric returns, saying there was something he had to handle. The elder Forrester announces that they have a visitor, and calls out to Sheila, who appears in the doorway. Eric launches into a speech about her being wrongly accused. Sheila regrets what she did to the Forrester family in the past and insists she’s changed. Ridge snarks about the apology and orders her out. Eric intervenes; and offers Sheila a drink. Sheila accepts and admires Quinn’s portrait, noting she’s the new Forrester matriarch. She proceeds to tell Quinn what a good man he husband is, and needle Ridge about Brooke marrying Bill. When Sheila heads to the powder room, Ridge confronts his father, who insists he knows what she’s capable of and wants to keep her close. As they’re discussing her manipulative nature, Sheila returns. Eric shows her out. Ridge warns Quinn his dad is playing with fire. Outside, Sheila thanks Eric for defending her. She hopes Quinn treats him right. He chuckles that she’s the ideal wife. Sheila notes he deserves the perfect wife, and stands looking thoughtfully at the door after he goes inside.

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In the design office at Forrester Creations, Nicole flashes through moments with Lizzie. Zende enters, figures she’s worrying about not having children, and reassures her it will happen. She blurts that Lizzie’s so beautiful; she doesn’t understand how Coco-Nicole-confide-BB-HWRick and Maya left her to go to Paris. Coco arrives, and Zende exits. Coco realizes something’s bothering Nicole, who reveals her diagnosis. Coco is supportive, but Nicole frets that she has felt herself changing and judging Rick and Maya. As Nicole goes on about the noise in her head, including Lizzie calling her ‘Mama’, Coco cautiously asks if she’s spoken to anyone. Nicole has only confided in her, and reflects that Lizzie might be her only chance to have a child.

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In the Forrester boardroom, Rick and Maya play with their daughter. Rick tells his wife that Carter came to him about an issue with the adoption papers. He assures her it’s no biggie, but they’ll need Nicole’s signature too. Nicole-Maya-square-off-adoption-BB-HWMaya decides she’ll take them to her sister on her own. After, Zende joins Rick, who updates him on the situation with the adoption papers. Meanwhile, in the design office, Maya explains the issue with the documents to Nicole, who gasps, “Oh my God, you mean I am Lizzie’s mother?” Maya corrects that she is Lizzie’s mother and asks her sister to sign. Nicole can’t – she thinks this is happening for a reason. Maya angrily orders her to sign the papers right now!

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