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At the Forrester residence, Ridge holds Quinn in his arms, as Deacon lies unconscious on the floor.

Eric and Lt. Baker discuss Sheila at the station. Eric’s grateful Sheila’s behind bars and he won’t have to worry about Quinn’s safety anymore. Baker assures Eric that his ex-wife won’t get out on bail, and offers to drive him home.

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Brooke-Bill-shooting-news-BB-HWBrooke surprises Bill at his office and they canoodle. They reflect on their happiness. Talk turns to Sheila Carter. Brooke shudders at the thought of her and they return to kissing. Suddenly, Bill gets a message from a reporter that shots were fired at the Forrester estate. He’s surprised since Sheila’s in custody.

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In the Forrester living room, Ridge disconnects from calling the police as Deacon comes around and asks what happened. Quinn hisses, “You tried to kill me, you idiot!” Ridge cautions Deacon, who makes an appeal to Quinn. Ridge opines that she doesn’t owe him anything. Deacon pleads with her to call off the cops. Quinn hollers that he tried to kill her. Deacon protests that she tried to kill him first. She counters it was just a little push. Deacon screams that it was off a high cliff – if it had been high tide he’d have been a goner! Forrester-living-room-shooting-scene-BB-HWKatie arrives and gets up to speed. Eric and Lt. Baker, who heard about the shooter on the radio, storm in. Eric embraces Quinn as Ridge reports the shooter was Deacon, not Sheila. Deacon launches into a rant – all he wanted was a couple of bucks but she wouldn’t answer his texts! Katie observes that he must have been on her property. He notes it’s impressive and asks if she’s seeing anyone these days. Baker asks him about Sheila, and he’s surprised she’s not six feet under. Deacon is arrested and is taken away pleading. Bill and Brooke arrive with Wyatt and are briefed. Eric is grateful Ridge was there. Quinn doesn’t know how she’ll thank him. She reveals Deacon’s been bugging her for months. Eric thanks Katie with a hug, embraces ‘hero’ Ridge, and apologizes to Quinn before taking a call from Lt. Baker, who asks him if he wants to keep Sheila locked up for violating the restraining order. Meanwhile, Bill, Brooke and Wyatt confer with Katie, who observes that Quinn owes her life to Ridge. Brooke agrees it will bond them forever. Outside, Quinn tells Ridge he was there to save her life and apologizes for what she has to say next. “I love you.”

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