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On the Forrester mansion terrace, Quinn yelps and ducks as several shots are fired all around her. She dives back into the house, gasping, and reaches for her phone. The door busts open – Deacon Sharpe strolls in. Quinn exclaims that someone’s trying to kill her. Deacon mocks her panic and calls to report someone using her for target practice. Quinn wonders if he’s drunk and shouts that the shooter’s still out there. She describes how the shots got closer and is thankful the person is a bad shot. Deacon counters it could be a sharpshooter – wind conditions affect aim. He pours a drink and complains she never wanted him. He rehashes her past transgressions against him and declares she doesn’t give a damn about anyone but herself, except her baby boy, Wyatt. Quinn has no sympathy for him while her life’s in danger. Deacon runs down who she’s hurt and concludes that no one has more reason to want her dead than him. When she questions if he called the police, he pulls a gun and snarls that they both know he faked the call.

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At Katie’s house, she seems distressed and flashes to holding Quinn at gunpoint and to ranting about there being winners and losers in life. She looks through the telescope and spots Quinn.

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In the Forrester living room, Quinn warns Deacon he’ll spend the rest of his life in prison if he kills her, but he doesn’t much care. She keeps him talking and he stops to swig another drink.

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At the police station, Sheila insists to Eric that she’s innocent. Eric can’t believe it’s all a coincidence. Sheila reiterates that she came back to make amends. Eric advises if she wants someone’s forgiveness, she shouldn’t shoot at his wife. Sheila credits memories of Eric with getting her through the dark times; now she’s come out the other side and deserves to be with a man like him. Eric reminds her he’s happily married. Lt. Baker appears and confirms Sheila violated her restraining order. She’s placed under arrest. Sheila protests to Eric as Baker reads her rights. Eric remains silent as she’s booked and fingerprinted. Sheila keeps pleading with Eric, who finally says, “Take her away.”Ridge-Brooke-memory-BB-HW

Ridge finds Brooke at Forrester Creations and tells her she won’t believe who shot at Quinn. “Sheila Carter.” They agree it makes sense and are relieved she’s in custody.

At Katie’s house, she looks through the telescope again and Quinn is being held at gunpoint. In full panic she calls Ridge, who just arrived home in the guesthouse.

Deacon’s about to pull the trigger when Ridge busts into the Forrester living room behind him and floors him with a punch. Quinn, shaking, declares that Ridge saved her life. She falls into his arms, gasping, “Just hold me!”

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Quinn realizes her past transgressions have consequences.

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