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At Spencer, Bill complains about a donation to a hospital – it has the distinct smell of a merit badge. Wyatt and Liam spar verbally until Bill gets word that they have Quinn’s shooter in custody – it’s Sheila Carter. Bill explains she terrorized any woman that came between her and Eric. He’s sure that’s why she’s returned. Wyatt gets upset as Bill runs down Sheila’s crimes. Liam mutters that she makes Quinn look like a paragon of mental health. Bill quips that the good news is that if anyone’s a match for her, it’s Wyatt’s mother. Wyatt complains and is mollified when his father promises to get more information. Bill warns Wyatt not to put himself in harm’s way before talk turns to his skyscraper, and Liam tries to convince him to forget about the Spectra building.

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At the Forrester mansion, Ridge and Quinn discuss Sheila. Over drinks, Ridge wants to make her feel better and she admits to worrying about causing problems for Eric. Ridge recalls when his mother faked a heart attack – his father likes a little drama. Quinn talks about women who stand out; she tries to, but then gets scared when someone tries to kill her. She reveals she used to think her mother would kill her. Talk turns to taking risks and Brooke’s return, before returning to Sheila. Ridge is glad Quinn’s not dead. She jokes it’s the nicest thing he’s ever said to her. She’s glad Sheila’s been caught, but is aware of another ‘danger’ and suggests Ridge leave.

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In the police station, Katie and Lt. Baker look on as Sheila protests that Eric knows her – he knows she wouldn’t hurt his wife. Eric-Katie-amends-BB-JJSheila apologizes for startling Katie, and Lt. Baker barks at her to explain what she wanted there anyway. Sheila hoped Katie would approach Eric for her. She clucks that this is a terrible mistake. Eric pipes up that he’s always believed that people can change, however Sheila might be the exception to that. Baker questions Katie about feeling threatened, and Eric thanks her as she leaves. Sheila remains upset that Eric won’t believe she’s innocent – his is the only opinion that matters to her. Eric reminds her she always claims she’s done nothing wrong and flashes to her misdeeds. Sheila insists she’s reformed and insists she didn’t shoot at Quinn. She recalls how they fell in love. Eric thinks there’s a restraining order against Sheila and if she’s violated it, he wants her jailed. Sheila protests. Katie-telescope-new-shirt-BB-JJ

At home, Katie is relived that Will is still with the caregiver and turns to her telescope. She peers through and sees Quinn outside on the terrace. Meanwhile, someone has Quinn in their gun’s sight and pulls the trigger.

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Eric vows to solve the mystery of who is threatening Quinn.

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