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At Katie’s place, she brandishes a fireplace poker and shouts at Sheila to get out of her house. Carter informs her she’s not going anywhere. Katie accuses Sheila of trying to kill Quinn because she’s married to Eric. Sheila insists she knows nothing about a shooting. “I did my time. I’m a different person now.” She reveals she wants Katie to vouch for her with Eric and the Forresters. When Sheila looks away, Katie sends a text to Eric. ‘Sheila Carter at my house’.

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In the Forrester mansion, Quinn can’t figure out who wants her dead. Quinn-still-scared-BB-JJShe recalls Katie holding her at gunpoint at Forrester. Eric reminds her Katie’s been cleared and reiterates that she’s no killer. Suddenly Katie’s text about Sheila comes in. Eric relays the information to Quinn. “If Sheila’s here, I think we’ve found our shooter.” He doesn’t want to call the police – he can handle Sheila – but orders Quinn to get Ridge up there.

Bill and Brooke kiss in his office and recall their amazing honeymoon. Liam and Wyatt enter and Brooke leaves for Forrester. Bill-Brooke-post-honeymoon-kiss-BB-JJBill asks his sons what he missed. Wyatt offers, “Well, someone tried to shoot my mom.” Wyatt describes the scene. Bill is stunned to hear she pointed the finger at Katie and defends her. Liam ruminates on how Quinn pushes people to the brink. Wyatt isn’t comforted by the conversation. Bill can’t get over Katie being accused, and mutters, “Wait until Brooke hears about this.” Liam and Bill realize Wyatt is rattled. Wyatt is perplexed as to who would be out to hurt Quinn now.

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At Forrester Creations, Ridge and Pam discuss the shooting. Pam can’t understand who would be after Quinn now – even Ridge has accepted her. Pam-Ridge-discuss-shooting-BB-JJPam exits when Brooke arrives. She informs Ridge she’s happy…and committed to her husband. Ridge grumbles; that would be him if he hadn’t screwed up. He updates Brooke on Quinn being shot at outside the Forrester mansion. Brooke is relieved to hear Katie was cleared, and notes Ridge’s concern for Quinn. She thinks he may have some real feelings for her. Ridge protests, but worries the shooter is still out there.

At Katie’s house, Sheila insists she didn’t shoot at Eric’s wife. She hopes to make amends and never wants to return to prison. Sheila pleads with Katie as Eric bursts in. Sheila lights up. She tells her ex-husband she came to make amends in hopes of being forgiven. Eric recalls how she draws people in and then strikes. He accuses her of shooting at his wife. Sheila protests. Eric dials Lt. Baker to send a squad car up to get the shooter. “It’s Sheila Carter!”

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Ridge startles Quinn when he enters the mansion living room. Quinn reports that Eric didn’t want her to be alone and shocks him with the news that Sheila Carter is at Katie’s place right now…with his father.

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