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Katie-plead-case-Eric-BB-HWAt the police station, Katie can’t believe she has to defend herself to Eric; she’s not a violent person. She agrees with Eric that they need to find out who the shooter is, and they’re wasting time. Eric announces he’s convinced Katie is innocent as the lab test results arrive and confirm it. Lt. Baker suggests they hire more security.

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In Katie’s house, Quinn asks if Sheila is there to babysit Will. Sheila says she’s an old family friend of the Logans. Sheila reveals she knows who she is…Quinn Fuller; the woman lucky enough to be married to Eric Forrester. As Quinn decides to leave, Sheila pipes up, “Perhaps I’ll get another shot.” Quinn turns back. “What?” Sheila demurs, “Another shot…to get to know you better. Or perhaps not.”Katie-back-at-telescope-BB-HW Once alone, Sheila peers through Katie’s telescope. Later, Katie arrives and gasps when Sheila greets her. Distressed to hear Sheila knows her son’s name, Katie demands to know what she’s doing there and what she wants. Sheila tells Katie she did her time. Suddenly, Katie realizes Sheila must be the shooter and brandishes a fireplace poker. Sheila growls. “Put. It. Down.”

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Eric returns to the Forrester mansion and tells Quinn that Katie was cleared. Quinn frets; someone out there that wants her dead. Quinn fills Eric in on seeing a woman in Katie’s house through the binoculars and confronting her. “She said she was a friend of the Logans.” Over martinis, Eric muses about checking on Katie, but Quinn thinks she’ll be busy with her friend…Sheila. She recalls Eric once had a wife named Sheila. Eric says Sheila Carter was dangerous, but admits there were good times. He flashes back, and reiterates that Sheila was bad, very bad.

At Il Giardino, Sally tells Steffy how much Thomas means to her. Steffy replies, “To you and Spectra fashions.” Thomas takes offense to Steffy implying that Sally is using him. Steffy feels Sally needs Thomas’ money and talent to stay afloat – time will tell if that’s the only reason she’s into him. Liam clears his throat – it’s good that they’re getting all this out. Thomas observes there were no food fights. Steffy concedes they made it through the meal, but her guard’s still up. Thomas reassures her.

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Back at Forrester Creations, Liam and Steffy recap the lunch. Liam feels Sally wants to be better. Steffy hopes he’s right but opines that Spectras never change their spots. Liam reminds her she’s a romantic at heart and Thomas is happy, which is a good thing.

At Spectra, Thomas tells Sally he appreciates the things she said to Steffy. Sally says she really does love him. He really loves her too. They kiss. Thomas reveals a new modern Spectra logo he drew. Sally assures him she’s on board.

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