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At Forrester Creations, Liam and Steffy discuss her recent stress, and Bill’s unhappiness about the Spectra building. Steffy reveals that Sally will be joining them at their lunch with Thomas. Liam laughs when she comments that he’ll have to keep her from strangling the redhead, but Steffy’s not kidding and reiterates how she took Thomas away from the family business. She concedes that her brother will do well at Spectra, though she wonders how much he’ll be able to change things there.

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Thomas-Sally-Spectra-office-BB-HWIn the office at Spectra Fashions, Thomas counsels Sally on what to wear to Il Giardino to appear as a force to be reckoned with, and admits they’re meeting Steffy. Sally understands his reasons for it, and kisses him before going to change her outfit. She reappears after her ‘make-under’ and Thomas asks her to please skip the tiramisu.

Liam-Steffy-Sally-Thomas-Il-Giardino-BB-HWAt Il Giardino, Steffy suggests Liam order a bottle of wine rather than a glass. Sally is nervous as she and Thomas approach. Once seated, Steffy states that Thomas belongs at Forrester. A tense conversation ensues as Thomas insists he’s enjoying Spectra. Liam chirps about the risotto, and Sally apologizes to Steffy for stealing from her family, and goes on about the love and respect she has for Thomas.

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Wyatt-Quinn-Eric-concern-BB-HWIn the Forrester mansion living room, Quinn tells Wyatt and Eric that Katie was the person who shot at her. Ridge interjects that she may have been trying to intimidate Quinn, but Eric blusters, “Why would she want to do that?” Eric charges Ridge with looking after his wife while he gets to the bottom of this.

At Katie’s place, she scoffs to Lt. Baker, “You can’t possibly believe I would shoot at Quinn.” Baker brings up the gun incident at Forrester, and adds that the trajectory from the bullet shot today came from her direction. Katie agrees to join him at the station if that will help clear her name.

In the police station, Lt. Baker leans forward across the desk and asks Katie, “Did you shoot that gun?” Katie insists it’s ridiculous and agrees to do a gunshot residue test. Baker watches keenly as her hand and sleeve are swabbed. As they wait for results, Eric arrives and asks Katie if she tried to kill his wife. The tearful Logan insists she doesn’t like Quinn, but someone else is out there who wants Quinn dead.

In the Forrester mansion, Wyatt paces – he can’t imagine Katie shooting anyone and wonders what he’s missing. He and Ridge step out and Quinn peers at Katie’s window through binoculars. She spies a woman resembling Katie and wonders why she’s not at the police station. Outside, Wyatt asks Ridge if Katie could really be the shooter.

Quinn enters Katie’s house and a woman appears – it’s Sheila Carter!

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