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In the design office at Forrester, Katie lowers the gun and taunts Quinn. “How did it feel to be vulnerable? At the mercy of someone else?” Ridge enters. Quinn shouts at him to take the gun. “She’s trying to kill me!” Ridge gets the weapon and reveals it’s unloaded. Quinn doesn’t believe Katie knew that. Quinn-Katie-office-confrontation-BB-HWKatie retorts if she wanted to hurt Quinn, there are far more effective ways of doing that, and exits. Quinn rants to Ridge, who is sure Katie wouldn’t have harmed her. Katie returns to find Ridge comforting his stepmother, and sneers in disgust. Ridge points out the seriousness of what Katie did to Quinn. A subdued Katie leaves for home. Ridge promises Quinn he’ll deal with her. Down in the studio, RJ is pleased that Coco’s free as he wants to go to a concert together. Coco, distracted, admits she’s concerned about Nicole – she and her sister seem to have different ideas about how to care for the child. She reports on Nicole’s snarky comments about Maya as a mother and her sniffy tone with Rick. They agree it’s very weird. RJ writes it off to Nicole being a control freak. They canoodle.

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In Paris, Maya seeks Rick’s reassurance that Lizzie’s in good hands with Nicole. Rick-concerns-Maya-BB-HWThey reflect on her recent attitude, and Maya notes her sister can be fierce when feeling protective. She hopes Nicole gets a much-needed break tonight with Zende since Pam is slated to look after Lizzie.

At Brooke’s place, Nicole remarks to her parents on how long Maya’s been away from Lizzie. Vivienne thinks it was a great opportunity. Nicole sniffs, “People have different priorities I guess.” Talk turns to her infertility issues. Nicole says Zende is confident they’ll conceive, but she saw ‘impossible’ in her doctor’s eyes. In a moment alone, Julius tells Nicole he’s proud of how she’s stepped up to take care of the baby when Maya would rather model. He thinks the situation is messed up. Julius answers a call from Maya, who is surprised to hear Pam’s not watching Lizzie. Nicole gets on and Maya expresses concern about her previous call with Rick. Nicole assures her there’s nothing to worry about and disconnects. Julius learns Nicole hasn’t told Maya yet about her infertility issues. He wonders if Maya’s doing what she’s meant to do, and Nicole is too. Nicole pictures her children to look just like Lizzie. Julius tells her she’s already a good mother. He thinks Lizzie knows Nicole is her mother.

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Katie paces at home and looks at a telescope in front of a window. She murmurs, “Maybe I should. Maybe I should just do it.” She flashes to repeatedly catching Ridge and Quinn together. When she looks through the telescope, she sees them together outside the mansion. “Liars! God, I hate you!”

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