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In the design office at Forrester Creations, Katie tells Ivy that Quinn is showing Eric and Ridge her jewelry designs right now.Katie-Ivy-work-BB-HW She goes on about this job being the ‘jolt’ she needed after her tough year. Pam brings in a huge delivery of boxes; it turns out Katie took the liberty of ordering some hardware. She puts a hip chain on Pam, who says it’s ‘different’ and runs off. In the other office, Eric clucks over Katie’s designs; he now understands Quinn’s concerns. Ridge hastily proposes some adjustments, but Eric nixes that idea – they all know what has to happen here. Ridge panics a little that Eric’s going to fire Katie and tries to finesse the situation, but Eric’s resolute. He asks Quinn to let Katie know. After Quinn exits, Ridge frets and paces about what might happen. Eric wonders if he knows something he doesn’t. Across the hall, Quinn dismisses Ivy and breaks the news to Katie that they won’t be using her designs. She carefully explains Eric’s viewpoint and reveals that he’s letting her go. Katie sputters and protests before getting angry. She screams that Quinn is the one who doesn’t belong there, who doesn’t deserve to set foot in that building! Katie rants about Quinn being evil and getting ahead. “You ruin everything.” Through gritted teeth, Katie reminds Eric’s wife she knows her dirty little secret. They have a shoving match as the confrontation becomes intense. Suddenly, Katie pulls a gun on Quinn. Shaking, she hisses, “Maybe I should just get rid of you once and for all!”

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In the photo studio, Nicole calls Maya but gets Rick. She learns Maya is modeling and gets snarky. She complains to her brother-in-law that Maya has Pam slated to watch Lizzie, which is insulting. Coco appears as Nicole rants that she carried Lizzie for nine months and should be the one to look after her. She makes a crack about Maya’s schedule and disconnects. Lizzie-Nicole-studio-BB-HWCoco approaches and Nicole assures her she’s not angry at her for helping out with Lizzie, she’s just upset because she should be looking after her; no one loves the little girl more. Pam arrives and Nicole informs her she’s spoken to her sister and she will be taking care of Lizzie. Once alone with the baby, Nicole assures her, “Mama’s right here, sweetie.”

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In Paris, Rick updates Maya on Nicole’s words over the phone. He can’t make sense of her attitude – it was like she was questioning them as parents. Maya is briefly outraged over Nicole’s crack about her pursuing fame, and then calms down; she thinks it’s sweet that her sister wants to be so involved. Rick intones that she didn’t sound sweet. Maya will smooth it over once they get home.

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