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At Forrester Creations, Katie and Ivy happen upon Quinn and Eric canoodling in the design office. Katie thanks Eric again for the opportunity. Eric exits and Katie tells Quinn she’s enjoyed being a part of the team and is excited to see some of her designs in the next collection. Quinn-Ivy-Katie-jewelry-design-BB-HWIvy recalls when Quinn took her under her wing. Katie compliments Ivy’s designs and Ivy squeals her thanks. Quinn informs Katie her designs aren’t ready for the collection. Her feedback miffs Katie, who wonders what Eric would say about her pieces being excluded. Ivy sides with Quinn as she and Katie argue. The brunette feels stonewalled and warns Quinn about crossing her. In the boardroom, Eric loves Ridge’s latest sketch. They discuss Zende being a good help and Ridge hopes Thomas will come back. He still has a problem with him investing in Spectra, but vows to put family first and fix things with his son. Talk turns to Katie. Eric marvels at Quinn reaching out to her. “It almost as if…” He opts not to complete the thought. Later, Quinn enters and finds Ridge alone. She complains about Katie being a live wire and worries what she might tell Eric.

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At Spectra Fashions, Thomas enthuses to Sally about their new partnership and predicts they’ll become the premiere fashion house. Sally can’t wait, but wishes Coco could be a part of it. Thomas assures her they’ll patch things up, but Sally points out that her sister can’t trust her. He gives her a hug and offers to speak to Coco. Sally is appreciative. After, Sally encounters Saul outside and he presumes she’s on board with their partnership and starts planning. The redhead gently breaks the news that Thomas is joining Spectra as her partner. Saul scoffs at Thomas coming to the rescue again. Sally works to convince Saul this is a good thing and that they can trust Forrester. Inside, Coco arrives and Thomas advocates for Sally. He points out she got a second chance at Forrester and he feels everyone deserves that. Thomas reveals that he’s forgiven Sally and is now her partner. Coco is stunned. Thomas continues to make his case and touts their special relationship as sisters. Sally enters and chimes in to plead for another chance.

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Katie encounters Eric at Il Giardino and expresses her disappointment at Quinn stonewalling her. She senses Quinn’s attitude isn’t about her designs. Eric feels something more is going on and implores Katie to tell him. Katie agrees. “I’ll tell you exactly what’s going on with your wife.”

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