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At Forrester Creations, Eric and Steffy appeal to Thomas – they want him back. Thomas wonders about Ridge. Thomas-family-ultimatum-BB-JJHe and his father bicker about his connection to Sally. Thomas declares that they’re making him choose between love and family. All three assure Thomas that his personal life is his own business and implore him to come back and help. Steffy urges her brother not to walk away from his legacy. In the design office, Vivienne and Nicole go over her fertility issues as they sit with Lizzie.

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In Paris, Rick thanks the maid, and Maya tells her about how much they miss Lizzie. After, she works on a schedule for Lizzie to ensure no one person is overburdened. She phones Vivienne to explain they’re extending their stay and need more help. Vivienne teases her for not asking her in the first place. Maya is surprised when Nicole gets on the line to hear about the modeling gig, which ‘must be pretty epic to keep her from her baby’. Maya confirms it’s difficult to be away, but it will be worth it for the coverage. Rick nuzzles Maya’s neck and she giggles that he’s pouring her a huge glass of wine. Nicole snaps that she needs to get back to Lizzie and tells Maya to do her thing – the baby’s in good hands. Maya disconnects and reports to Rick that it seemed like Nicole was trying to make her feel guilty. Rick reassures her.

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Back at Forrester, Nicole complains to Vivienne that modeling seems more important to her sister than Lizzie. Vivienne denies it. Nicole wonders if Julius was right – maybe she shouldn’t have given her away. In the boardroom, Steffy and Ridge stress about Thomas’ decision will be – they figure he needs to stew, but will ultimately elect to stay.

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Saul and Sally discuss Thomas in her office. Saul doesn’t want to rely on Forrester – he has some designs and money and wants to partner up. Saul implores Sally to return Thomas’ money and moves in for a kiss, which lands on her cheek. Shirley appears. “What’s going on in here?” Sally-Thomas-Spectra-dream-BB-JJSally gently dismisses Saul before conferring with Shirley, who’s worried the Forresters will talk Thomas out of investing in their company. Later, Thomas arrives and confirms to Sally that Forrester wants him back. Sally is stunned when he goes on to reveal that he – and his investment – is staying with her. His time is now…as her partner. They’ll be the hottest design team in L.A.! Sally leaps into his arms and they imagine their first successful fashion show and kiss.

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