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Thomas-bed-Sally-coffee-BB-HWThomas awakens in his loft to find Sally pouring coffee. He compliments her brew and she quips that it’s another thing she’s good at. Talk turns to his firing. Sally wishes he didn’t have to be at odds with his family. They cuddle and she offers to hang out with him, but he can’t let her do that – she has to get back to business. He muses that he hates being on the outs with his family.

At Forrester Creations, Ridge gripes to Steffy about Thomas being in bed with the enemy. Steffy understands that Thomas risked everything for Sally, which means he really cares for her. She doesn’t think he deserved to be fired. Steffy goes on to say that part of the problem was her becoming CEO – they need to come together as a family. In the corridor, RJ, Coco, and Lizzie join Pam and Charlie. As the baby fusses, they all enthuse about Zende and Nicole having a baby next. In the office, Steffy phones Thomas to ask for a family meeting.

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At the loft, Thomas disconnects and informs Sally he’s been called to a family meeting. Sally figures they’ll ask him to come back.

Vivienne-Nicole-Doctor-BB-HWVivienne and Nicole arrive at Dr. March’s office. Nicole is hoping for encouraging news and Viv assures her whatever happens, she and Zende will get through it. Dr. March levels with Nicole – her lesions appear to be severe and it could be difficult to treat. Her ovaries are intact so surrogacy is still a possibility, but it’s unlikely she’ll be able to carry another baby. Vivienne soothes Nicole.

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At the Spectra building, Shirley and Darlita tout Thomas as a hero, but Saul is sour. He complains that Forrester is just using his money to move in on Sally. While the tailor doesn’t trust Thomas, Darlita interjects that she wouldn’t mind seeing him on the regular – he’s a hot guy! Sally arrives. Darlita and Shirley fish for details on her night with Thomas, which irks Saul. Sally reveals that Thomas was fired and if his family convinces him to pull their funding, they’ll be done. Saul predicts he’ll leave them high and dry. Darlita knows Sally loves Thomas – she can’t lose him.

Charlie-Pam-Lizzie-BB-HWVivienne and Nicole arrive at Forrester, where Lizzie is behind the receptionist desk. Charlie and Pam ham it up as RJ and Coco report on the morning. Nicole takes the baby and holds her close as Vivienne looks on. In the boardroom, Eric isn’t pleased that Ridge rushed into firing Thomas. Steffy reiterates that Thomas has real feelings for Sally. Eric declares that is not a firing offense. Thomas arrives, and Steffy announces they made a mistake and want him back. Eric chimes in to agree – they need him there. In the design office, Vivienne and Nicole rehash her situation. Nicole bounces Lizzie and calls her ‘my little girl’.

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