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At Brooke’s place, a despondent Nicole explains Dr. Caspary’s diagnosis to Zende, who scoffs that it can’t be right and vows that tonight they’ll prove it wrong. She protests that there was scarring, but Zende just can’t believe that the only baby she could have, she gave to her sister. Nicole presses him to accept the facts, but he argues medical science isn’t infallible. He remains certain that babies will come. Nicole agrees to get a second opinion. Zende continues to be positive and upbeat – she’s an angel who gave her sister a child; that will not be the only baby she brings into this world. Zende refuses to entertain her doubts and fears – they are going to have their family.

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At Forrester Creations, Julius curses over Nicole’s diagnosis. Vivienne warns him to watch his language and opines that perhaps Nicole and Zende could adopt. Julius-Vivienne-anguish-BB-HWJulius calms down, but then works himself up again over how this will affect Zende and Nicole’s marriage. Pam and Charlie enter. The security guard confirms that Julius and Viv signed in downstairs, and Pam starts gushing that Nicole might be pregnant soon and how generous she was to be Maya and Rick’s surrogate. Once alone, Vivienne hopes Nicole didn’t give up what might be her only baby to Maya – she did it out of love. Julius huffs that it would be the greatest injustice of all. He rants about how he was against Nicole doing what she did, but Vivienne stops him; they’re not going back there. Julius insists if Nicole can’t have a child, it will haunt her, and could ruin her marriage. Vivienne asserts that they will face this as a family – no one is at fault.

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At the loft, Sally is stunned when Thomas reveals that he wasn’t exactly able to calm his father down – he fired him. Sally-Thomas-kiss-loft-BB-HWHe reports that Ridge is angry about the entire situation and has decided to give Zende a chance to design. Sally frets and wonders if anyone in the family is on his side. Thomas laughs and says RJ is – he knows a thing or two about loving a Spectra woman. They kiss. Thomas hopes Ridge will reconsider when he cools off, but isn’t expecting it. Sally asks if he regrets what he did for her. Thomas thinks she’s trying to give him an out, and assures her he’s good. Sally blurts that she loves him, but won’t come between him and his family; that’s his legacy. Thomas is a man of his word – Bill Spencer robbed her of her shot and he plans to honor his commitment to her. Sally expresses her love and they fall onto the bed kissing.

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