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Maya-pose-Paris-BB-HWIn Paris, Maya poses for the photographer at her shoot as Rick looks on. Since Maya is distracted, they ‘take five’. Rick surmises that her mind is on Lizzie. The photo shoot resumes and after, the photographer reveals he has big plans for Maya – if she can extend her stay. Maya seems reluctant, but loves his idea for shoots in front of iconic landmarks. After, Maya runs the idea past Rick, who is on board. They embrace excitedly. Rick assures his wife that Lizzie will be fine.

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Zende arrives back at Brooke’s place with champagne and finds RJ and Coco with Lizzie, as Nicole had something to do. Zende hopes his wife is back soon. RJ wonders what has him so pumped. Zende shares his design news and enthuses that when Nicole gets back, they’ll celebrate. They agree that they feel for Thomas. Coco and RJ assure Zende that he earned his shot, however. Talk turns to Nicole trying to get pregnant. Zende wouldn’t be surprised if they get a visit from the stork in nine months. RJ and Coco head out.

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In the Forrester Creations design office, Vivienne senses there’s something bothering Nicole, who reveals she had a doctor’s appointment today. “I might not ever be able to conceive,” she blurts. Nicole-Vivienne-bad-news-BB-HWVivienne is stunned and Nicole explains Dr. Caspary’s diagnosis. Vivienne exhales loudly as Nicole reiterates that she may not be able to have a child of her own. She suggests they get a second opinion, but Nicole feels it explains why she hasn’t got pregnant. She becomes emotional about having to disappoint Zende as Julius enters. He asks what happened, and Nicole shares her upsetting news with her father. Nicole continues to fret about their plans to have a big family. Julius assures her she will have a baby and urges her not to give up – she will not have had a baby for her sister and not be able to have one of her own. He vows they’ll talk to other doctors and get whatever specialist they need. Father and daughter embrace. Later, Julius and Vivienne discuss the upsetting news.

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Nicole arrives at Brooke’s house, where Zende is set up for a romantic celebration. They have the house to themselves and he wants to take advantage of it. He pours champagne and proposes a toast to their future and boasts that she’s looking at the newest member of the Forrester design team. He says the only bad part is he’s replacing Thomas, who was fired. He goes on about everything coming together for them as Nicole looks uncomfortable. Zende wants to go upstairs. Nicole flashes to her doctor’s appointment and reveals she may not be able to give him a child. Zende insists they will have their family.

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