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At Forrester Creations, Pam and Charlie are talking about Brooke and Bill’s honeymoon when Ridge appears. Pam tells him she’s so sorry. Ridge joins Steffy and grumps that everyone wants to remind him how he screwed up. He reveals he fired Thomas. Taken aback, Steffy asks what they’ll do about a designer. Ridge will make a call.

In Brooke’s living room, RJ and Coco watch Zende play with Lizzie. Zende’s phone rings – it’s Ridge summoning him to the office. RJ and Coco will stay with Lizzie so Zende can go. Once alone, RJ admires how ‘right’ Coco looks with the baby. Coco muses that she’ll look ‘righter’ in 10 years. They muse about Zende and Nicole starting a family.

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Dr.Caspary-Nicole-reels-BB-HWAt Dr. Caspary’s office, Nicole digests the news that she may be infertile due to uterine scarring. Caspary cautions they don’t consider anyone infertile until after a year of unprotected sex. Shell-shocked Nicole wonders what to tell Zende. The doctor can’t tell her what to say. Nicole gets belligerent as she protests her diagnosis; she gave birth to Lizzie, there’s nothing wrong with her. She pleads, “I gave her away. That can’t be my only shot, Doctor.”

In Paris, Rick tires to get amorous with Maya in their suite but she’s preoccupied with finding a replacement nanny – she can’t ask Nicole to put her life on hold to take care of their child. Rick doesn’t think Nicole minds, but Maya feels she needs to focus on her own life; she’s done enough for them. She gets on the phone with Pam, who will help call references. Rick is unsure about hiring a nanny sight unseen – Lizzie will be safe with Zende and Nicole. Maya is so tired she almost goes to check on Lizzie. Rick kisses her.

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Zende arrives at Forrester and tells Pam that Ridge is expecting him. After, Pam tells Charlie she wants to do something to cheer Ridge up. Charlie questions Ridge’s history with Brooke, which raises the issue of his claim about Quinn and Ridge again. In the office, Ridge reveals to Zende that he fired Thomas. Zende realizes they’re after a designer and warns he isn’t there yet. Ridge wants someone who knows the look of Forrester and who can prove it. Zende asserts that he can do that. Ridge warns he’ll be critical and Steffy asks if he wants to run it by Nicole. He is sure Nicole will be supportive and thanks them for the opportunity. He’s excited to call his father and to celebrate with Nicole.

Coco and RJ greet Nicole when she returns to Brooke’s place. She learns Zende went to the office, and notices a text from Maya. Once alone, Nicole holds Lizzie and wonders if she dreams about her, and all that time being part of her. She muses about Lizzie’s birth and hopes that the doctor is wrong.

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