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On his private jet, Bill hands his wife some sparkling water and vows to make Brooke the happiest woman on the planet. They canoodle and Brooke breaks the news that she invited Rick and Maya to join them on the flight to Paris. Bill is taken aback, but Brooke distracts him by pointing out they’re not there yet and kissing him. Bill remarks on how long he waited to make her his wife and gushes over Brooke taking his breath away when she appeared in the arch at their wedding. Brooke has no more doubts – they are forever. The pair flashes through their romantic memories as they slowly undress and make love. Afterward, Bill talks about his bride’s inner beauty – the love he sees in her eyes when she looks at him almost makes him feel like a good person. Brooke giggles and they look forward to their honeymoon.

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At Brooke’s place, Rick and Maya update Nicole and Zende that they are going to Paris for a modeling shoot. Nicole asks, “What about Lizzie?” Maya gets a call that the caregiver is suddenly unavailable. Nicole volunteers to help out. Maya and Rick vow to arrange for a nanny to assist them, offer thanks, and head out as Zende wishes them a good trip. After, RJ and Coco show up and RJ expresses disappointment that his mother married Bill, though he wants what makes his parents happy. The younger pair offers to pitch in when Nicole remembers she has a doctor’s appointment. Before leaving, Nicole tells Zende she’s anticipating the results of their fertility tests, and they kiss. Zende happily chats to Coco and RJ about his relationship. Coco feels Zende will be an amazing dad. He can’t wait.

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On the Spencer jet, Bill announces to Brooke that he’s going to be ‘Chill Bill’ for the trip. Rick-Bill-drinks-jet-BB-HWMaya and Rick arrive and Brooke pats Bill’s arm as he plays the convivial host with Rick. Maya shares with Brooke about their childcare quandary. Later, Bill recalls when Will was Lizzie’s age, and Brooke assures Maya and Rick their daughter will be fine without them. They admire photos of the baby, and Bill observes that it may not be a good idea for Nicole, the birthmother, to be watching Lizzie. Everyone’s taken aback. Brooke soothes that her husband is expressing concern. Maya reassures him it’s fine.

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Nicole-Dr.Caspary-BB-HWAt Dr. Caspary’s (played by Jacqueline Hahn) office, Nicole chats about being late, though her pregnancy test was negative, which threw her. They discuss her first pregnancy and her recent difficulty in conceiving, missed periods, and pelvic pain. Caspary reveals that Nicole has a condition called amenorrhea (an abnormal absence of menstrual periods), and uterine scarring, which may prevent her from conceiving again. Nicole protests – it’s unacceptable.

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