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At Bill’s house, he is thrilled to see Brooke appear in the doorway in her wedding gown. Brooke-arrive-wedding-BB-HWShe apologizes for being late. He giggles, “Let’s do this.” Rick and Maya arrive and Bill calls for the ceremony to start. Justin begins the proceedings by saying, “It’s about dang time…” When the laughter fades, Justin gets to the business of marrying the duo. Maya extends a wish that they never forget how hard they worked to get there on days when things aren’t so perfect. Wyatt speaks about their devotion, Liam expresses his happiness, and Rick reflects on life being funny and his mother following her heart. He extends his blessing and support.

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At Brooke’s place, Ridge is startled to see Quinn come through the door. She reports that Brooke isn’t coming – Wyatt texted her to say she’s with Bill. Ridge blurts, “There’s still time!” Quinn feels his time is up. Ridge laments that the love of his life is marrying another man because he’s an idiot who dallied with his father’s wife. He remarks that Bill has always been there for Logan, who never had to question his loyalty or who he is. Ridge doesn’t know who he is, but feels he’s deeply flawed. He opines that if Logan doesn’t understand him, there’s not a woman out there who will. Quinn pipes up, “I do.” She can relate to screwing up and talks about there being a woman out there for him, who can see past his flaws. Ridge suggests Quinn should go. She touches his hair before leaving him alone. Ridge flashes to good times with Brooke and looks lost.

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At Forrester Creations, Zende and Nicole play with Lizzie as he urges Nicole not to get discouraged that she hasn’t gotten pregnant yet. Nicole notes being with Lizzie makes her want a family of their own. They go on about the topic until Nicole decides to take another pregnancy test – there’s no harm in checking. She leaves the office and returns disappointed – it was negative. Nicole watches Zende with Lizzie and feels he’ll be a great dad – she wants to get their family started.

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At Bill’s house, he and Brooke say their ‘I do’s’ and Brooke tears up while telling Bill she loves him so much. Brooke-Bill-wedding-rings-BB-HWShe can count on him, and vows to love him as fearlessly and ferociously as he loves her, for the rest of her life. “I am yours.” Bill replies that he cannot imagine his life without her; this is his greatest adventure. He will love her and be there for her, forever and a day. Justin prompts the exchange of rings and then pronounces them husband and wife. Brooke exclaims happily and they kiss. Justin presents Mr. and Mrs. Dollar Bill Spencer!

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