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At home, Bill admires the wedding décor and calls Brooke to say he can’t wait to say their vows. Brooke reveals she’s still at work – something came up. Bill implores her to let Steffy take care of it so she can get over there.

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At Forrester Creations, Brooke disconnects from Bill. Ridge guesses it was his rival on the line and launches into another speech about their history and his mistake. Brooke-Ridge-press-BB-HWHe reiterates that he’ll be waiting at her house, and when she gets there, they will wed and spend the rest of their lives together. “You, me and RJ.” Brooke exits. Quinn enters and Ridge reveals that he’ll be out of the office – if everything works out as he hopes, he’ll be marrying Brooke today! Quinn updates him on her earlier conversation with Brooke – she believes she has divided feelings. Ridge plans to go to her house and hopes she’ll show up.

In Katie’s house, she fishes to find out if Brooke has decided not to marry Bill after spending time with Ridge. Brooke avoids answering, so Katie asks point blank if she’s going to marry Ridge or Bill. Talk turns to Donna’s absence before Katie presses Brooke again about her plans.

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Justin, Wyatt, and Liam arrive at Bill’s house. They joke around and Bill updates them that Brooke was still at Forrester. They all wonder if Ridge was making a final pitch to interfere with Bill’s wedding day. Bill reveals that Justin is performing the ceremony. Justin raves that he gets to marry his oldest friend to the woman who makes him happier than he’s ever seen. Bill goes on about his commitment to Brooke, which will last until one of them croaks. Bill opines that Ridge blew his chance with Brooke and will never get another one. Bill takes a call from Quinn, who deduces that the ceremony hasn’t begun yet. When Bill asks, she denies knowing what happened in Australia and tries to dissuade him from seeking to find out. She knows Bill and Brooke have gone through a lot to get to this point and gives him a heads-up that Brooke was with Ridge earlier. Bill confidently replies that Ridge’s efforts won’t change a thing, but he has a guarded expression as he hangs up. After, Wyatt can’t understand why Quinn would phone Bill. Bill reiterates that Brooke’s destiny is with him. The door begins to open…

At Brooke’s place, Ridge flashes to when he returned from overseas as he waits. The door begins to open…

At Forrester, Ivy questions Quinn about her phone call. Once alone, Quinn flashes to the intimate times between her and Ridge.

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