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At Spencer Publications, Bill lashes out at Liam, whom he refers to a ‘do-gooder’ and ‘hall monitor’, for telling Steffy about the review he wrote about Spectra. Bill-chastise-Liam-BB-HWWyatt and Justin look on. Talk turns to Brooke, and Bill announces they’re getting married today! Wyatt and Liam assure Bill they’ll be there. Bill enthuses about marrying the woman of his dreams. The conversation switches to what Ridge did to screw up. Bill’s still curious. Justin and his sons listen as Bill makes arrangements for security, including Dobermans, at his place for the wedding. Bill disconnects and reveals that it will be a simple ceremony focusing on what he and his bride mean to each other.

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At Forrester Creations, RJ attempts to find out why his mother and father didn’t tie the knot, but Brooke only says she’ll always care about Ridge. RJ still thinks Ridge is the one she really wants to be with. In the design office, Katie and Quinn talk jewelry designs before Katie reveals she has to run since Brooke’s getting married today. Quinn assumes it’s to Bill, but notes that Ridge isn’t giving up on her. She decides to go speak to Brooke and leaves Katie to speculate with Ivy. Ridge enters. Katie mentions Brooke’s wedding. Ridge muses if things go his way, she’ll marry him, not Spencer. Katie seems skeptical as Ridge goes on hopefully, and Ivy warns he doesn’t have much time. Katie runs Ridge down for carrying on with his father’s wife. Ridge sighs that he made a mistake, but this is now about his family, and RJ.

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In the main Forrester office, Quinn finds Brooke, who can’t believe her claim she’s had no contact with Ridge, especially since he’s moved into their guesthouse. Quinn insists she is committed to her marriage and asks if Brooke still has feelings for Ridge. Brooke snaps and rehashes everything that went down in Australia. She feels Ridge and Quinn share a deep flaw. Quinn presses the blonde as to whether she’s having second thoughts about marrying Bill. Brooke narrows her eyes and questions if Quinn would be upset if she married Ridge. When he enters, Quinn exits. Ridge tells Brooke not to marry Spencer – she’ll regret it. He says he will go to her place and wait at the fountain for her to join him in matrimony. He declares his love. “Marry me. Be my wife.” In the studio, RJ updates Coco on his mother’s plan to marry Bill. RJ is cool with whatever makes his mom happy, but doubts she’ll go through with it, as his father’s charm is legendary. Coco wonders if it runs in the family and they kiss. In the design office, Ivy and Quinn go over her dalliance with Ridge. Ivy asks if she’s really past it.

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