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At Thomas’ loft, Sally elects to leave so as not to come between him and Ridge. Thomas defends Sally to his father and then brings up Steffy being promoted over him. They go over Steffy’s qualifications and Thomas feels he deserves to know what the future holds for him. Thomas-Ridge-fired-BB-HWRidge argues that the conversation is about him selling out his family, and reminds his son he was in Eric’s shadow for decades. Thomas feels disrespected. Ridge rants about the Spectras and calls Thomas a spoiled brat. Thomas talks about the other Forresters who have been passed over and insists Ridge and Steffy are favored. Ridge wonders if that’s why Thomas sabotaged the company. His son denies it, but questions if there’s somewhere else for him. Ridge suggests Thomas has bad judgment. Thomas counters that Brooke probably dumped him for a sketchy judgment call. Ridge scoffs at Thomas’s declaration of love for Sally and informs him he’s fired until he gets the money back from Spectra and gets his head on straight.

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In Steffy’s office, she tells Charlie she’s concerned about Thomas, but thinks someone is straightening him out right now. Sally arrives and Charlie exits. The redhead implores Steffy to talk to her father, as she doesn’t want to be responsible for making any more trouble for Thomas. Steffy accuses her of getting what she wanted from her brother – a check. Sally denies it and vows never to hurt Thomas again. She wants to get along and someday be friends. Steffy challenges Sally to get out of Thomas’ life and calls her a user. Sally owns up to her mistakes, but says she wants what’s best for Thomas. They continue to bicker as Steffy vows to keep her brother from Spectra’s clutches. Sally feels they have something special, and won’t allow Steffy to come between her and Thomas. “Don’t you declare war on me Steffy, you do not want to do that.”

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In Brooke’s living room, she confronts Bill about writing the review on Spectra Fashions. Bill goes on about his building and vows to construct his skyscraper, which he may call Brooke Tower. She giggles. Bill decrees that she will be by his side through all of it. They rehash Liam ‘blabbing’ to Steffy about what Bill did, and Brooke learns her fiancé informed Ridge about Thomas’ idiotic move. Brooke sighs that Thomas is in love. Bill snarks that what she calls romance, he calls stupidity. They canoodle before the conversation shifts to RJ. Brooke feels he just wants her to be happy. Bill promises to go the extra mile for the kid. Talk turns to getting married. Brooke advises him to let her know when and where. Bill decides they should live at his place, and says there should be no more waiting to wed.

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