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Episode # 7585At Forrester, Ridge says Zende’s designs show promise but he’s simply too busy to do anything about it. Talk turns to the Spectra fiasco. Ridge is grateful to Coco’s loyalty and insists she stay. She’s happy and promises she won’t take it for granted. Ridge and Steffy leave and RJ, Coco and Nicole get together. Zende gives Coco a round about apology for jumping to conclusions about her, though he’ll never trust her sister. They look over Zende’s designs and he jokes that Coco shouldn’t go giving them to Sally. Coco laughs, unoffended. She admits she inspected her jewelry before she came in, and tells them Spectra Fashions isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. They’re surprised Thomas saved the company but Coco’s not. He’s a man in love. None of them think it seems fair, but Coco says Thomas is showing Sally he believes in her, not her knockoffs.

Episode # 7585Thomas takes Sally to his condo, which is a mess. She shrugs it off. Hers is worse. She feels lucky that he came along and saved her from leaving Los Angeles. He fishes for compliments, which she doles out. They flirt. He’s scoring a lot of points, she tells him, even though his daddy owns his condo. They drink red wine and Thomas calls her a worthwhile investment. She asks if he’s nervous about Bill finding out and Thomas mocks how intimidating Bill can be but he’s not worried. Sally knows his family will be furious when they find out but Thomas brushes that off, too, knowing they’ll get over it. They smooch.

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In Ridge’s office, Steffy says she can’t get a hold of Thomas. Bill kicks in the door, startling Ridge and Steffy. He asks what the hell is wrong with Ridge’s son. “Captain pencil pants.” Steffy and Ridge call what he did to Sally cruel. Bill snarks that he wasn’t able to buy his skyscraper because Thomas stole it from underneath him. “Oh no,” Steffy mutters. Ridge groans and Bill blathers on about what happened and Ridge takes off. Bill spits that he won’t give up on ‘his’ building.

Ridge arrives at Thomas’, banging at his door. “Should I hide?” Sally asks. Thomas opens the door and Ridge starts ranting about his son investing in ‘this’, gesturing at Sally. Thomas tries to get a word in edgewise but his father won’t stand for his kid being with a criminal.

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