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At Spectra Fashions, Bill squares off with Thomas over Sally’s fate. CJ is sorry, and Sally reminds Thomas she has no future there and can’t pay the rent. Thomas argues she does have a future there and it’s just getting started. Elsewhere, Shirley, Saul, and Coco speculate on what’s going on. In the office, Sally asks Thomas what he’s doing as he stalks over to her desk. He holds up a check. “I’m making an investment…in Spectra Fashions.” Bill snarks at the gesture and barks at CJ that they have a deal. Thomas reminds Bill that Sally and CJ are family and this is their legacy. After a pause, CJ informs ‘Mr. Spencer’ that Spectra is still in business. After Bill goes, Sally tells the jubilant staff and they celebrate. Thomas reveals how Bill sabotaged them and Shirley takes back every rotten thing she said about him. A conga line fueled by champagne ensues, and Coco makes a speech about integrity. Meanwhile, Sally and Thomas embrace and he surprises her with the news it was Steffy who told him about Bill’s review. They enthuses about her chance to prove herself as a designer. Sally finds his gesture romantic and Thomas kisses her.

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At Forrester Creations, Liam assures Steffy that she did the right thing. Nicole and Zende enter, as Zende has another sketch he wants to show Ridge or Thomas. Steffy says to leave it with her since neither of them are there – Thomas has gone to try to save Sally. Zende is irked, but Nicole realizes Thomas has feelings for Sally. Steffy and Liam fill them in on Sally being sabotaged. Steffy remains concerned about her business and her brother. Zende goes on about the Spectras not being trustworthy. Liam protests that Sally wanted to be legit. Steffy agrees Bill’s role had to come out, but she assumes he’ll still get his building. Later, Steffy thanks Liam and they laugh about her brother being a superhero. They kiss.

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At Spencer Publications, Wyatt confronts Jarrett. Why did he tell Liam that Bill wrote the bad review. Jarrett replies, “Because he did.” Wyatt’s angry, but Jarretts couldn’t lie anymore. He’s a man of integrity and is relieved the truth is out, even if he loses his job over it. Later, Bill grouses to Wyatt about Thomas rescuing his damsel in distress. Wyatt reels at the news Thomas paid $100,000. Bill decrees that Thomas only delayed the inevitable and he looks forward to Spectra being rubble.

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Bill tells Ridge that Thomas is behind the recent actions that will cost them both financially.

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