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At Spencer Publications, Bill shows off his skyscraper to Emmy. Wyatt enters with CJ, and Emmy exits. Bill booms that today’s the big day – Sally has to come up with $100,000 or lose the building. Episode # 7583CJ grimly points out that’s not likely. Bill has a check when he’s ready to do business. He invites a put out CJ to join him for the eviction. Once alone, Wyatt is joined by Liam, who learns Bill and CJ were headed to Spectra, and reveals he knows what their father did. Emmy joins them and poses for photos with the skyscraper for Liam to send to Bill. After, Liam and Wyatt go over what Bill did to Sally. Wyatt can’t believe Liam told Steffy. Liam isn’t concerned about Bill’s reaction – he secretly likes it when they hold him to a higher standard. Wyatt shrugs that Spectra will soon be a pile of rubble so there’s no more discussion.

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At Spectra Fashions, Coco arrives as the gang is packing up and Sally quips that on the bright side she’s not wearing an orange jumpsuit. Coco is sorry about Sally’s dreams. She shrugs it was fun while it lasted and makes a remark about it being better to have loved and lost. Coco looks sad as Sally says her goodbyes to Darlita and Saul. CJ appears with Bill, who announces that he’s taking over their debt, their lease, and the building.

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In Steffy’s office, she flashes to Liam asking if she can keep the information about Bill from Thomas and live with herself. Thomas enters and sulks about Sally planning to leave town. He shows Steffy the design Sally gave him and they agree she’s got talent as they rehash her situation. Thomas talks about being in love with Sally and Steffy is moved. She tells him Jarrett didn’t write the scathing review; Bill did, and explains the reason for the deception. Steffy feels they both got hurt by Bill’s shady deal. Thomas storms out. Later, Liam arrives and Steffy fills him in. They realize Thomas and Bill have both gone to Spectra Fashions.

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As Bill informs Sally she has to be out by end of business today, and hands an apologetic CJ paperwork to sign, Thomas appears and says, “Whatever that is, don’t sign it. Sally you’re not going anywhere.” The Spectra gang speculate outside the door. Darlita believes Thomas came for Sally. Inside the office, Thomas informs CJ he’s being hustled and reveals Bill’s deceit. Bill waves his check under CJ’s nose, but Thomas reminds CJ the importance of blood and implores Sally to stay.

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