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In his office, Bill smashes a Lego building with a bulldozer as Wyatt enters. Bill declares that at the end of the day, Spectra Fashions will be a pile of rubble. They discuss Thomas speaking up on Sally’s behalf. Bill just wants her the hell out of his building – he caresses his skyscraper replica and calls it ‘sweetheart’. Wyatt goes over the ‘win’ being due to the review he wrote. Bill insists no one can know about it beyond them and Jarrett. Wyatt decrees that he’s building his skyscraper on the wreckage of someone’s dreams. Bill’s okay with that.

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At Spectra Fashions, Shirley comments sorrowfully on having to pack up. Episode # 7582Sally sighs that CJ will be by later to pick up the keys. Saul works to make sure Sally doesn’t take the guilt on herself – its better than her going to prison. He tries to talk her out of leaving town, and then volunteers to go with her. Sally turns the conversation to Thomas – she hopes he’ll come to see her.

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Steffy and Thomas discuss Sally at Forrester. Thomas reveals he’s going to see her today. Steffy observes that he’s still in love with her despite her betrayal. Liam has arrived so Thomas takes off. Liam tells Steffy that Sally was sabotaged. He believes his father sent her down the path to becoming a knock-off shop and relays that Bill, not Jarrett, wrote the scathing review. Steffy groans – this is something Thomas would want to know – yet Sally targeted her and she wants her gone. Liam asks if she can keep it from her brother and live with herself.

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Thomas arrives at Spectra Fashions and greets the gang, who thank him for standing up for Sally. Thomas and Sally adjourn to the office. She reiterates how deeply sorry she is, and Thomas asks about her plans. Sally will stay away from fashion, but presents him with one last design; for him. Thomas pronounces it ‘elegant’ and wonders why she doubted herself. He abruptly asks her to change her plans and stay. Sally shudders that he should forget about her, but reflects on their good times. She chokes up and kisses him goodbye. “I’ll never forget you.”

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Sally reveals information that causes Thomas to change his mind about her and Spectra Fashions.

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