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Episode # 7581At Il Giardino, Brooke reiterates to Ridge that she and Bill are getting married. Ridge wants a minute alone with Brooke, but Bill won’t have it. He wonders again what Ridge did to her – it must have been bad. Ridge declares he won’t give up and leaves. Brooke hopes the two men will make peace for RJ’s sake. Bill crows that he will teach his stepson how to be a gentleman and truly commit to a woman. Bill wants to plan the wedding, but has business to conclude first.

At Spencer Publications, Liam and Wyatt discuss Bill and Brooke getting married. Wyatt says there’s an important piece of property their father wants to buy first. CJ arrives and Liam learns that Bill wants to purchase the Spectra building and put up his skyscraper. Wyatt tries to get rid of CJ as Liam looks thoughtful. Once CJ is gone, Liam muses about Bill wanting to Spectra to go down, and recalls the scathing review they published. He deems it an ethics issue. Wyatt warns Liam to forget about it. After, Wyatt makes a call to Bill and lets him know CJ and Liam crossed paths, and his brother was asking questions. Meanwhile, Liam summons Jarret, who confesses that Bill wrote the scathing review. Liam hollers about Bill wanting his damn building.

At Il Giardino, Bill disconnects from Wyatt and makes stallion noises as Brooke hushes him. He enthuses about getting everything he wants, and confides in her about the Spectra building.

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At the hearing, Carter tells the judge (played by Richard Karn) that taking Thomas’ testimony into account, Forrester Creations will no longer pursue criminal charges, but Spectra Fashions is done. Sally quickly takes the deal.

Episode # 7581At Forrester Creations Thomas informs Steffy he spoke up on Sally’s behalf. He protests that she shouldn’t go to jail for this, and his sister blurts, “You’re still in love with her, aren’t you?” Later, Carter arrives and updates them about dropping the criminal charges. Since they have no money, it will be the end of Spectra Fashions. After, Thomas and Steffy debate about whether Sally is trustworthy.

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At Spectra Fashions, Shirley wants to celebrate with champagne, but Sally, disturbed, reminds her they can’t afford it – they’re truly finished. She announces she is leaving Los Angeles. Once alone, Sally calls Thomas to thank him and fill him in on her plans. They agree to see each other one last time.

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