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At Spencer Publications, Bill impatiently awaits Jarrett in his office. Wyatt notes his impatience. Bill beams that he’s meeting Brooke soon to make wedding plans. Jarrett arrives and Bill demands an article declaring the end of Spectra Fashions. Jarrett protests that if they hadn’t sabotaged Sally, she could have made something of herself. Bill can’t believe he’s standing up for a thief. Jarrett doesn’t condone stealing. Wyatt clarifies that she wouldn’t have gone down that path if not for their review. Jarrett agrees. Bill is focused on getting his building. After Bill goes, Wyatt assures Jarrett it does no good to call Bill out. He assures the stressed-out reporter that Bill will mellow after marrying Brooke.

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At Il Giardino, Ridge runs into Brooke, who invites him to order what he likes, but suggests he take it to go – she and Bill are meeting to discuss their wedding. Ridge-Brooke-lunch-BB-HWRidge opines that marrying Bill won’t make her feelings for him go away. He wheedles that they can work through this – they always end up together. “You know it as well as I do.” He vows not to give up as Bill arrives and shoos him to go hem a skirt. When Bill wonders what Ridge did to Brooke, she intervenes and makes it clear she is committed to Bill.

At Forrester, Carter invites Steffy and Thomas to join him at Sally’s hearing. They decline. Once alone, Steffy tells Thomas that she paid Sally a visit; she looks forward to her paying the price for her theft. Thomas muses that if it were anyone else, he’d have no problem with them rotting in jail, but nothing about Sally going to prison feels right. Steffy feels that Sally behind bars for a month or two could be entertaining.

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Sally, Saul, and Shirley meet with a lawyer prior to the hearing. Shirley asks if Sally is likely to get 15 years. The lawyer concedes it’s a worst-case scenario and optimistically enthuses that he brought his lucky penny in hopes things will go Sally’s way. Their jaws drop. Carter arrives and the judge (played by Richard Karn) gets proceedings underway. Sally’s lawyer lobbies for the charges to be dropped. Sally-Thomas-deep-kiss-BB-HWThe judge muses that she’ll probably be looking at no less than five years. Sally tries to stay tough as Shirley and Saul fret that there must be someone who can testify on her behalf. Thomas appears. “There is.” Thomas testifies that he believes Sally regrets what she did and has learned her lesson. He still wants Spectra Fashions to pay by ceasing to exist. Sally follows Thomas out the door to thank him and declares her love. They kiss passionately.

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