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At Forrester Creations, Steffy and Brooke discuss the race to replace the collection. Brooke is certain the Forrester men will come through. Steffy relays that Zende wanted to help, and she was surprised by his unexpected reaction. Katie appears and Steffy wonders about Brooke not marrying her father in Australia. Once alone, Brooke grills Katie about her promise not to say anything to Eric about Quinn and Ridge – they’ve all had enough drama. Katie deflects by asking if Brooke is really done with Ridge – if not it doesn’t bode well for her drama-free future. In the design office, Zende complains to Nicole about his unfavorable feedback from Steffy and Thomas. He can’t live like this, and needs to know he’s not an afterthought in the family. Nicole suggests he ask his mom to talk to Eric or Ridge, but Zende rejects the idea. He feels naïve for having expected to be fully accepted as a Forrester when he’s a Dominguez. Nicole reassures her husband; he’ll figure this out. They embrace. Later, Nicole works with Steffy and they discuss Zende’s wish to design. Steffy loves him, but maintains that the timing is off.

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At Spencer Publications, Wyatt enters in time to hear CJ telling Bill that Sally’s been sprung. Bill goes on about his skyscraper, even alluding to having a pet name for ‘her’.Bill-Wyatt-skyscraper-talk-BB-CD CJ warns that under his agreement with Spectra, if they come up with the $100,000 they will get to stay in the building. CJ leaves, and Wyatt wonders if Liam knows about Bill’s intervention with Jarrett and Spectra. Bill doesn’t want him to know, he’ll get his Boy Scout badge bent out of shape. Liam enters just then and Wyatt changes the topic to Bill’s wedding. They rehash whether Brooke is fully committed to Bill, who insists she and the poser are done for good. Bill goes, and Wyatt tells Liam it’s Brooke and Bill’s time to be together now.

At the Il Giardino bar, CJ introduces himself to a brooding Zende. Over drinks, they discuss the Spectra/Forrester rivalry and the theft. CJ kind of understands why Sally did it. Zende perks up when CJ laments that he now has a fashion house with no designer to run it. He learns that a designer with some cash could save the business.

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In the Forrester office, Katie smirks at bit at Brooke being caught between two men again. Brooke informs Katie she cannot overlook what Quinn and Ridge did in order to give him another chance. Katie muses, “Especially since you can’t be sure they won’t do it again.” Bill enters as Katie mentions him proposing, and reveals that Brooke actually proposed to him. He’d love to tell Ridge! Katie exits and Bill and Brooke canoodle. He reiterates that he would have waited for her forever, and now they’re fulfilling their destiny. They kiss.

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