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At Forrester Creations, Steffy is impressed by Thomas’ progress with the new designs. Thomas admits every time he takes a break all he can see is Sally in handcuffs – he’d hate to see her go to jail. Steffy asks about his conversation with Sally before her arrest. Thomas says she expressed regret and was under her grandmother’s influence, though that’s not an excuse. Thomas wishes he could help Sally through this.

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In the design office, Zende and Nicole discuss trying for a baby, before switching gears to the need to replace Forresters’ collection. Zende reveals he’s been sketching. Nicole is surprised as Zende admits that what he really wants is to design. After, Maya joins Nicole, who fills her sister in on Zende’s dream. Maya wonders how Steffy and Thomas will react. Nicole muses that he wants to make his mark at Forrester. Maya worries about him getting his hopes up too high, too fast. Meanwhile, Zende joins Thomas and Steffy and declares that he wants to help. He hands over his designs proudly. Steffy asks who did them. Zende beams. “I did.” He wants to be part of the design team. Various expressions cross Thomas and Steffy’s faces as he makes his pitch. Finally, Steffy tells him they’re interesting, but they don’t have time to train a novice. Zende is taken aback. He asks for pointers to modify his designs. Thomas sighs that they’re crushed for time and need experience. Thomas-mooning-Sally-BB-HWIrritated, Zende wonders if he’ll ever get a real opportunity there – after all, he’s not really a Forrester. Steffy works to reassure him, and Thomas feels his anger toward them is off the mark. Zende doesn’t think so, and leaves after proclaiming he’s proud to be a Dominguez. Steffy and Thomas discuss Sally again. Steffy feels she isn’t worth the heartache, but Thomas can’t stop thinking about her.

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At Spectra Fashions, Sally thanks Saul for bailing her out. She warns the gang she’s facing charges and possibly 15 years in prison. Sally declares that they are out of business and Spectra Fashions is closing its doors. Shirley protests that it’s no time to cut and run, but Sally reiterates that they couldn’t ship the designs if they wanted to because of the cops. CJ arrives as Sally is informing Saul he’ll have to get rid of the clothes. He reminds them that the building will now be demolished – he’s sorry. Shirley insists he is not selling the building, but CJ sighs that he’d need $100,000 to keep it for them. He has a standing offer and plans to accept it. CJ lays it on the line – they need to clear out and move on from this. Once CJ leaves, Sally informs the gang that they can relocate and try to continue if they like, but she won’t be part of it. She asks to be alone and thinks about Thomas.

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