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In the Forrester mansion living room, Ridge sketches and updates Eric on Sally’s arrest. Eric asks about Ridge and Brooke. Ridge reveals that she is engaged to Bill again. Eric wonders why his son won’t tell him what happened. Ridge evades that he made a mistake and now has to fix it. Eric urges him not to give up and goes on about his blissful life with Quinn – his gut instincts to trust her were right. Ridge concedes, “She’s good for you.” Eric feels she will never let him down.

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At Forrester Creations, Quinn, Pam, Katie, and Ivy discuss Sally’s arrest. Pam exits and Quinn explains to Ivy that they didn’t know she was returning from Australia when they offered Katie the job. Katie leaves, and Ivy says to Quinn, “Katie knows about you and Ridge, doesn’t she?” The story comes out and Ivy thanks Quinn for being honest. They debate about whether Brooke was right to call off the wedding. Quinn goes on to say that Ridge told Katie, who has been making demands and twisting the knife. Quinn has been on eggshells at work and vows, “I am not going to live that way.” Quinn tells Ivy she won’t betray Eric again. In the other office, Katie joins Brooke, and notices she’s wearing Bill’s engagement ring. Katie-Brooke-blackmail-BB-HWBrooke wants to be with a man she can trust. Katie mutters, “You trust Bill?” Talk turns to Katie working with Quinn. Brooke is suspicious and asks, “Are you blackmailing Ridge and Quinn?” Katie insists the job offer was a natural development, but Brooke has noticed the power Katie now has, and reiterates that nothing is going on between Ridge and Quinn. Ivy and Quinn join them and Ivy informs Katie that Quinn can’t work while she’s being spied upon. Quinn gets upset when she learns Brooke’s engaged to Bill again since Ridge still wants a life with her. The women are arguing about telling Eric when Ridge enters. He intones that Eric is happier than he’s been in ages because of Quinn. Ridge and Quinn insist they’ve no feelings for one another. All agree to keep quiet, including a reluctant and smirky Katie, who warns that nothing else had better happen between them. Once alone, Ridge makes another appeal to Brooke, who insists she’s committed to Bill. But a tear slips down her cheek as he vows to fight. “You will always be my Logan.”

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Eric-Pam-hand-holding-BB-HW Pam joins Eric at home and wonders how he’s so calm in light of the design theft. He credits Quinn for giving him his spark back. Pam says they’re all grateful. Eric is pleased the family has come together – he knew once they all accepted Quinn things would be better – especially Ridge; no one supports his marriage more.

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