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At Forrester Creations, Lt. Baker places Sally under arrest, but Thomas wants a minute alone with her first. Once alone, Sally tells Thomas she’s so sorry – she thought the Spectra re-launch was the most important thing in the world, but the truth is she found something much more valuable. In the corridor, Steffy, RJ, and Coco discuss what will happen to Sally. Steffy knows this is rough on Coco, but her sister brought this on herself. RJ and Coco adjourn to the design office, where she updates him on her conversation with Sally leading up to her arrival at Forrester. She decides to tell Grams.

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At Spectra Fashions, Saul enlists Shirley’s help in filling orders. Saul-Shirley-concern-BB-HWShe takes a call from Coco, who informs her Sally turned herself in and is in big trouble. She says she’ll keep her posted and disconnects. After Shirley relays the news to Saul, he panics. Shirley is worried about all their beautiful orders, but Saul frets over what will happen to Sally.

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In the design office, Coco sniffles and allows RJ to comfort her with a hug. In the corridor, Steffy explains to Lt. Baker that she can’t let Sally get away with stealing their designs or it’s open season on Forrester. Baker feels that she’s doing the right thing…from a business standpoint. Coco and RJ reappear. Coco tells Steffy that her sister’s a good person with a conscience – she knows she did wrong and made a terrible mistake. “Please don’t send my sister to prison.” Steffy intones that she broke the law; there are consequences.

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In the office, Sally explains to Thomas that there was immense pressure on her to make a success of Spectra, and she wanted to do it with her own designs. Thomas sighs, “I know.” Sally goes on to say Jarrett’s bad review made her doubt herself and she went along with Shirley’s plan to use Coco as a spy despite a lot of misgivings. Thomas-Sally-appeal-BB-HWThomas curses – he loved her and believed in her. He would have helped, but instead she stole from him and his family. Sally rants about how big a fool she was to let Shirley get to her, and to hurt Coco and Thomas. She vows to stop the orders and close their doors to make it right. Sally tears up…she’ll never forget Australia. She urges him to run, not walk, away from her, and talks tough about handling prison. Sally sends Thomas to get Lt. Baker. She turns away crying, but Thomas pulls her into an embrace. Meanwhile, Steffy tells Carter she saw the side of Sally that Thomas fell for, but the other side of Sally has to pay for her crime. Coco urges Steffy to find an alternative to jail. They all follow Lt. Baker into the office where Coco cries as Sally is cuffed and led out.

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