In her suite in Australia, Brooke flashes through recent events related to Quinn and Ridge, including them kissing, and Katie’s unheeded warning. She becomes teary and emotional and runs out the door.

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In the Forrester photo studio, Katie thinks she knows why Ridge didn’t marry her sister – Quinn. She knows something happened on the beach. Ridge throws up his hands. “I kissed her, that’s it.” Katie glowers. “You kissed her, the day before you were supposed to marry my sister.” Katie lays into him about betraying Brooke and Eric. Ridge argues that nothing’s changed, and can’t explain how he could be attracted to Quinn. He’s determined to still marry Brooke. Katie thinks Ridge needs a shrink and lashes out about his super-sized ego. She spits, “Your father’s wife.” Katie feels her sister deserves better than this. Ridge admits he royally screwed-up. Katie tells him Bill’s in Sydney with Brooke – if they’re meant to be together, then they will be. In the design office, RJ imagines his parents are enjoying being remarried right now. Talk turns to the Spectra family, and Coco gives him a rundown on being raised by her Grams. She’s happy for RJ about his family being reunited. RJ goes on about his father’s playboy past – but that’s over now. Coco teases RJ – maybe he’s a player too. RJ invites her to ask around and find out. They talk about their kiss, and RJ pecks her again.

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Gathered around the laptop at Spectra, Sally informs her Grams she still has an issue with using her sister. Saul hollers that they’re desperate as Thomas appears. They cover by saying Saul is on a dating site and slam the laptop shut. Thomas gamely suggests they all go on a double date sometime, if he finds someone. Sally teases Thomas about not being able to stay away from her and quickly hustles him out the door to get lunch. Saul complains to Shirley that Thomas is all wrong for Sally, and to his surprise she agrees. The closer they get the less likely she is to let them poach their designs. They have to stop it. Saul wonders how.

At Il Giardino, Sally reminds Thomas it’s where they first met. Thomas gushes that she’s fearless, beautiful, and kind of funny. He hopes Sydney was just the beginning for them. They share a romantic kiss.

Bill-Brooke-relief-BB-CBSBrooke walks around Sydney harbor outside the hotel. Nearby, Bill calls Justin – he’s not ready to get on the plane and doesn’t know when he’ll be home. He flashes through his fondest memories of Brooke and suddenly sees her standing alone by the water. Soon, they’re face-to-face. Brooke sinks into his embrace smiling, as Bill looks heavenward in thanks and sighs with relief.

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