In Ridge and Brooke’s suite in Australia, Brooke announces that Eric deserves to know what’s happening. Quinn and Ridge protest that the kiss on the beach was a goodbye to their foolish ways. Quinn begs Brooke not to cause Eric pain, and Ridge puts in a plug for how much joy Quinn brings to his father. Quinn paints a picture of Eric lost and alone in the mansion without her. Brooke decides she won’t say anything to Eric…as long as they keep their hands off each other. Quinn gasps her thanks. Brooke warns if there’s another betrayal, Eric will be the first to know. Quinn scuttles out. Meanwhile, in Eric’s suite, he tells Rick by phone that he’s sure Brooke and Ridge’s wedding will go ahead as planned. Liam-Steffy-promise-request-BB-HWIn another room, Liam pours champagne and wonders if Steffy has any surprises for their wedding night. Steffy smiles seductively; she has something planned all right. Liam feels lucky. They kiss. Liam flashes through the best moments of their wedding and asks Steffy to promise never to stop surprising him. Steffy, in turn, extracts a promise that Liam will never stop looking at her like he does now. Steffy’s voice turns husky as they decide a perfect wedding night should follow their perfect wedding. They peel their clothes off and make love.

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Quinn returns to her suite to find Eric lighting candles for a romantic evening. Eric mentions he told Rick what’s going on with Brooke and Ridge. Eric-Quinn-speculate-about-Brooke-BB-HWHe hopes they can work through it; whatever ‘it’ is. Quinn agrees. Eric muses that she really cares about his son. Quinn and Eric slow dance; he wants the trip to last forever. Quinn sinks into his embrace. Back in Brooke and Ridge’s room, he’s hoping to still tie the knot tomorrow and brings up RJ. Brooke snaps that he wasn’t thinking of their son when he was kissing Quinn. She rants at him to stop manipulating and calls him out for his cheating ways. Brooke emphasizes the depth of his betrayal and declares that she can’t do this anymore. “A life with you? It’s not going to happen.” Ridge keeps harping about RJ. Brooke acknowledges that he will be disappointed and makes it clear that Ridge betrayed their son, just as he betrayed her and Eric. She taunts that it’s all gone – for Quinn – she hopes it was worth it. Brooke becomes emotional about how many years she’s loved him. She decides it’s not destiny, which wouldn’t hurt this much or be this hard. Brooke shrugs that she can go back to loving him without expecting anything in return. “Goodbye Ridge.” In the hall, she cries. Elsewhere, Liam and Steffy canoodle in bed. He relishes her calling him her husband, and enthuses about her being completely sexy and daring. She interrupts. “Completely yours.”

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