In Eric’s suite in Australia, he urges an emotional Brooke to tell him what’s happening. Brooke says it’s about Ridge and begins to tell the story of seeing something on the beach when Ridge and Quinn bust in. Ridge convinces Brooke to come to their room to talk about it. Brooke-holding-head-Eric-BB-HWThey exit. Eric wonders what the hell is going on, and Quinn shakily suggests that maybe they just need a bit of time. Eric, upset, wonders why Brooke seemed hurt and if another woman is involved since Ridge has a history of hurting the people he loves. Quinn dodges Eric’s questions, but admits she knows Brooke was upset. She frets about marriages that shouldn’t be thrown away. Eric gushes – it means so much to him that Quinn cares about Ridge and his marriage. In Ridge and Brooke’s suite, she reads him the riot act for his lack of respect; not only was he kissing another woman, it was his father’s wife! Ridge brushes it off as flirting – it all started because he wanted Quinn gone. Brooke scoffs and rants that there is something wrong with him; it’s not normal the way he behaves. Brooke declares that she and RJ deserve better than him. Ridge can’t explain his actions; maybe he still desires the chase. Brooke is disgusted at him kissing Quinn. Ridge promises it won’t happen again and pleads with her not to walk away. He wants to hear that she’ll still marry him tomorrow.

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In Los Angeles at Forrester Creations, Nicole reports to Rick and Maya that Steffy’s photos from Australia were a huge hit on social media.Maya-smile-office-BB-HW They enthuse about the sexy CEO and wonder if everyone is having a good time in Australia. Maya and Rick exchange a smile as they watch Nicole and Zende canoodle, and muse about all the newlyweds. Talk turns to Brooke marrying Ridge. Rick is concerned Ridge will let Brooke down. Zende points out that at least they’re trying again after all these years.

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In Australia, Quinn slips out of the suite when Eric takes a call from Rick. Eric advises his son to hold off on teasing anything about Brooke and Ridge’s wedding, though he thinks it will still happen. In the other suite, Brooke informs Ridge he is someone who hurts her time and again. Ridge insists they’re meant to be together. Exasperated, Brooke wonders how she could possibly say vows with him. “We are not getting married.” Ridge plays his last card, asking, “You don’t want to put the family back together?” Quinn knocks and enters to make a case for keeping the two marriages together – Eric is her whole world! Brooke thinks her husband deserves to know what she’s been up to. Quinn’s voice rises in panic as she protests and pleads for Brooke not to hurt Eric. “Don’t tell Eric. Don’t tell anyone.”

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Quinn is wracked with guilt as Eric plans a romantic evening for them in Australia.

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