On the beach in Australia, Brooke acknowledges that Quinn really does love Eric. Talk turns to Brooke and Ridge getting their happily ever after and Eric hopes they’ll have all the trust and love he and Quinn share. Amid the rocks by the shore, Ridge and Quinn talk about Liam and Steffy’s nuptials before Quinn brings up Ridge’s wedding.Quinn-Ridge-smile-BB-CBS Ridge says it will be an end to their foolishness. He muses that his dad is a lucky guy and Quinn beams up at him. Back at the reception, Liam checks in with Bill, who insists he is all about being the father of the groom. On the dock, Sally assures Steffy she ‘comes in peace’ and Steffy wonders why she came at all. Sally replies that she came as Thomas’s plus one and wishes her well. Elsewhere, Ivy takes Thomas to task for inviting a woman Steffy hates to her wedding.

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As the reception continues, Bill finds himself drinking alone. Katie strolls up and asks where everyone is – where are Ridge and Quinn? Down the beach, Quinn wishes Ridge the best with Brooke, but turns back to note that they’ll always have the memory of the ‘something powerful’ that happened between them. She’ll always have a glint in her eye for their secret. On the dock, Steffy scoffs at Sally’s suggestion they start over, and Thomas appears. Steffy thinks her brother’s date is up to no good. Sally-Thomas=dock-kiss-BB-CBSSally is indignant when Steffy orders her to leave. A struggle ensues and a disgruntled Sally ends up sputtering in the harbor. Steffy laughs, “Bon voyage!” After, Thomas joins his date in the water and they paddle back to the dock. They laugh as Sally muses, “I really thought she was going to come around.” They joke and share a kiss.

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Brooke finds Bill at his table and asks if he’s seen Ridge. Bill marvels that he really did believe Ridge would screw her over, and wonders what to do now. He’ll always be there for her, even if she’s not his. Nearby, Katie is surprised to find Eric all alone. Elsewhere, Steffy and Liam revel in their newlywed status and kiss in the water. Brooke-trees-BB-CBSOn the beach, Ridge agrees with Quinn that there was a connection between them. Quinn opens up about the positive changes loving Eric made in her, and marvels, “I found love. Not once…but twice.” She doesn’t need Ridge to respond, but they will always know and carry it with them…for that she’s so grateful. Brooke appears at a distance in time to see Quinn and Ridge share a passionate kiss. Ridge walks off and Quinn touches her lips before turning and running right into a furious Brooke!

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