By Sydney Harbor, Liam and Steffy’s wedding ceremony gets underway. Sally, seated at the back with Thomas, sneakily snaps a photo with her phone. At the altar, Bill makes an eloquent speech about the soul of the city – peaceful, calm and good – just like his son, Liam. He notes that Steffy doesn’t settle, and offers them heartfelt congratulations. Ridge is next up. The father of the bride talks about them fighting their way back to each other, and agrees with Bill that Liam is the right man for his daughter. Ridge admires Liam’s bravery in marrying his little daredevil. Steffy sniffs as he talks about the joy she’s brought to his life; it’s what he wants for her. Brooke sighs as she watches father and daughter embrace. The minister continues the ceremony with Steffy emotionally making her vows to Liam, who sets her soul free to fly, is good and honest, and never stopped believing in them. Liam takes his turn, giddily laughing that she turns his life upside-down; it’s exhilarating. He never knows what is next and he loves it, and wants to spend every moment of life with her. They exchange rings and are pronounced husband and wife. Steffy squeals in happiness as Liam dips her for a kiss. They laugh and cry as their guests stand and applaud.

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In Los Angeles, Wyatt orders a drink and tells the bartender his brother is getting married in Australia right now…it was too awkward for him to go. Zende and Nicole appear and offer their company. Wyatt briefs them on why he didn’t want to be at the wedding and jokes about giving her a divorce as a wedding gift. Nicole and Zende look uncomfortable. Wyatt chortles at them to lighten up – he wishes the best for Liam and Steffy’s nuptials, but couldn’t be a part of it. Nicole and Zende are supportive. Nicole gets a phone message. Wyatt wonders if she’s heard from Steffy. Nicole asks if he’d really want to know if she did. Wyatt rehashes why he didn’t want to attend the wedding and admits it hurts like hell. He goes on about the good times they had at Forrester. Zende and Nicole urge him not to beat himself up over this. Wyatt muses about his marriage not being a failure; they just got caught up in his mother’s web. Wyatt softens – Steffy deserves to be happy with the man she loves. “Cheers to the happy couple.”

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After the wedding ceremony in Australia, the guests gather around Steffy and Liam and marvel over her ziplining surprise and offer congratulations. Steffy turns to Liam, “We did it!” They announce a quick trip back to the hotel to change into swimsuits for the reception. Later, the bride, groom, and wedding guests go for an exciting ride on a speedboat. Steffy and Liam share a kiss.

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