On the steps of the Sydney Opera House, Steffy and Ivy pose in gowns for a Forrester fashion shoot and then speak to the press, along with Thomas, saying the wedding will be a private family event and thanking them for coming.

At the hotel, Liam thanks Bill for coming to Australia, and asks about Brooke. Bill shrugs that today is about Liam. The groom is keyed up about Steffy’s surprise. Bill grins that it will be an exciting day he’ll never forget. Meanwhile, in Thomas’s suite, Shirley warns Sally by phone that Spectra Fashions is dying on the vine – she needs to get photos of the wedding to post online. Clearly torn, Sally disconnects. Thomas-Sally-no-photos-BB-HWElsewhere, Eric teases Quinn as they dress for the wedding. Eric coos romantically that she’s the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen in his life. Quinn replies that her dreams begin in the morning when she wakes up and looks at him. Later, Steffy thanks Ivy for her help as they get hair and make-up done. Ivy reflects that she’s Liam’s past, and Steffy is his future. She’s good with that. Meanwhile, Thomas returns to his room, kisses Sally, and warns it’s a private wedding so there can be no photos or videos; Steffy would go ballistic if anything was leaked online. Down the hall, Ridge and Steffy share a moment alone. They embrace and get choked up as Steffy assures him she’ll always be his little girl. In another suite, Brooke and Katie are excited. Brooke reminds her sister – no more talk about Ridge and Quinn.

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At Spectra, Shirley huffs that Sally is an invited guest, as Saul complains she’s groveling at Thomas Forrester’s feet. Shirley imagines the publicity of being the only other fashion house at the wedding. Saul worries – does Thomas know Sally’s plans? Darlita pipes up that Sally isn’t just using Thomas – she really likes him. Shirley snaps that she’s not helping, and says Sally has to get photos of the wedding.

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Outside at the Australian wedding site, Liam and Bill greet the minister, who agrees with the groom that Steffy is a mysterious bride. Liam calls Steffy to fish about her surprise. She can’t wait to fly into his arms. Steffy-Liam-altar-BB-CBSIvy arrives, and divulges that she knows Steffy’s secret but won’t tell. Ridge takes Liam aside and advises him to love his daughter the way she loves him. Liam spots Thomas with Sally and panics. Thomas reassures him. Liam shrugs. “My wedding, your funeral.” Ivy reminds the guests not to take photos and calls, “Here comes the bride!” Steffy, clad in white lace, ziplines down to meet Ridge, much to the guests astonishment. Ridge walks her to the altar and the ceremony begins.

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Wyatt drowns his sorrows, knowing his brother is marrying Steffy.

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