Outside the Sydney Opera House, Katie tells Brooke that something is going on with Ridge and Quinn. Ivy calls out to them. Brooke informs Katie they’ll discuss it further at the hotel.

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On her flight to Australia, Sally continues to deal with annoying seatmates Kieran and Matt, who blow kisses to each other across her face. Kieran-Sally-Matt-arrival-BB-HWTalk turns to the guy Sally is meeting in Sydney. When Sally reveals they haven’t actually had their first date yet, the couple whispers about her being a stalker. While Matt and Kieran munch on snacks, Sally talks more about her plans to surprise Thomas, and attend the wedding of his sister, who doesn’t like her. She’s concerned about upsetting Thomas. After the plane lands, the couple snap photos and wish Sally well with Thomas. Sally sighs.

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In their hotel suite, Eric and Quinn remark on how things have changed since Monte Carlo. Eric is grateful for Ridge’s change of heart. In their suite, Brooke is distracted with Ridge. She alludes to something Katie said, but decides not to go there and gets amorous with a kiss. Gazing into Ridge’s eyes, Brooke assures him she’s fine. Elsewhere, Thomas and Steffy share a close moment as he tells his sister he wouldn’t have missed her ‘happily ever after’ and they hug. In her suite, Katie flashes through all of the incriminating moments between Quinn and Ridge. By the water, Quinn recalls Eric’s comment in Monaco about the blue of her eyes. Eric growls that she took his breath away and can’t imagine his life without her. They kiss. In Liam and Steffy’s suite, Ivy goes over the details of the ceremony, but won’t reveal a secret she’s keeping with Steffy. Liam teases she won’t top the first two, and keeps pestering Steffy after Ivy leaves. Steffy shrieks as he tickles her, but keeps mum. They hope their wedding day is one that no one forgets, and kiss. Back in his own suite, Thomas sends a selfie to Sally to show her what she’s missing in Sydney. Elsewhere, Brooke arrives in Katie’s room and very firmly informs her that she doesn’t want to hear one more word against Ridge. Katie argues, but Brooke accuses her of spying and hollers that if she doesn’t stop she’ll be on the next plane back. “Nothing, and I mean nothing, is happening between Ridge and Quinn!”

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Grabbing her bag to leave the plane, Sally smiles at Thomas’s text.

Sally-Thomas-kiss-Australia-BB-HWIn his suite, Thomas gets a call from Sally, who teases him about rubbing it in that he’s in Sydney. She asks if he meant what he said about taking her to Steffy’s wedding. He confirms it. She knocks on his door. “I’m here.” Thomas, clad in only towel, pulls her in for a kiss.

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