On the flight to Australia, Steffy and Liam look forward to their wedding over breakfast. They regret not inviting more people, but Steffy’s just glad Sally Spectra won’t be there. She fears Thomas likes her, but she’s a total headache. Nearby, Bill grimaces as Brooke gabbers to Ridge about RJ. Across the aisle, Quinn enthuses to Eric that she finally feels she belongs. Meanwhile, Bill and Katie decide marriage is overrated and he urges her to tell her sister that. Eric asks Ridge to swap seats with him, so he can tell Brooke how happy he is for her and Ridge. Brooke grins as he says he admires her. Across the way, Quinn admires Ridge’s ‘fresh’ look as Katie stands up. She surreptitiously watches as Quinn muses that Ridge’s life is about to change – he’ll be a married man. She thanks Ridge for making her feel accepted.

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At the airport in Los Angeles, Sally boards her flight for Sydney and flashes to Thomas saying he hoped she would show up. She’s stuck in a middle seat, but cannot be moved. Soon, her seatmates, Kieran and Matt (Monica Horan and Jim O’Heir) arrive, and much to Sally’s chagrin, settle on either side of her. Kieran spritzes Sally’s face with water before they grill her on being in the fashion business. Sally learns there’s no Wi-Fi on the flight and orders a $15 Bloody Mary to get her through the ordeal. When she’s unable to get a pillow, Matt jovially shares his sweaty neck pillow with her as Kieran whips out the afghan. Later, Sally grimaces as they practice their terrible Australian accents and Matt sneezes all over her. She admits she’s traveling to surprise a ‘handsome young man’.

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Still on their flight, Thomas teases Steffy about having a surprise for them all that even Liam doesn’t know about. He snaps a selfie to send to ‘someone’, but is puzzled when it doesn’t go through. Liam and Steffy share a kiss as the pilot announces they’ll soon be landing. When Bill complains that there isn’t anything he can do to stop Brooke’s wedding to Ridge, Katie looks thoughtfully at Quinn and Ridge, who walk off to a more private area. Ridge assures her she won’t lose anything and neither will he. Katie’s jaw drops as he notices Quinn give Ridge an intense look while he grasps her hand and rubs his thumb along her wrist intimately. Once off the plane, Ivy leads the group past the Sydney Opera House. Katie pulls Brooke aside to tell her that she saw Ridge and Quinn holding hands on the plane. “I’m not crazy, I’m not blind.” She urges Brooke to talk to Ridge about it, but Brooke protests he wouldn’t jeopardize what they have for her. Katie pleads with her to follow through before it’s too late.

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