Steffy and Liam are canoodling at home when she warns him they don’t want to miss the plane to their own wedding. Bill slams in, hollering, “Chop, chop!” Liam notices his sword necklace is missing. Bill shrugs that he’s taking a break from it.

At the Forrester mansion, Quinn fusses over last-minute items for the trip, as Eric chortles that he’s taken care of everything…all they need to do is relax and enjoy.

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At Forrester Creations, RJ encourages his parents to make sure their wedding happens, and Brooke teases her son about Coco. Katie appears and RJ asks her to make sure Ridge and Brooke get married. He crows about his father finally realizing his mom is the right woman for him.

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Thomas surprises Sally by showing up at Spectra Fashions and announcing that if his sister’s wedding weren’t in Sydney, he’d take her as his date. He denies it has anything to do with sticking it to Steffy and tells Sally she’s gorgeous. Sally coyly asks, “What if I showed up?” Thomas grins. “I hope you do.” Elsewhere, Darlita moons about Thomas’s visit, which leads Shirley and Saul to grill Sally for details. She informs them of his invitation to Steffy’s wedding. Shirley’s eyes widen. “You have to do it! You have to go!” Saul becomes incredibly uptight, and argues against it. Shirley decides that they must find a way to get Sally to Sydney as Saul protests. Sally orders Darlita to book her the cheapest, fastest flight she can find. Darlita books her in with Discount Airlines. Sally clarifies that she will go and behave, not spy or generate publicity.

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Boarding the flight, Ivy and Thomas enthuse about the trip, as Katie settles in next to Bill, who is grumbling about getting a scotch. Steffy and Liam thank everyone for making the trip with them and applause breaks out. Quinn tells Eric this is a little different than her last trip overseas, she appreciates not having to worry about anything now that she’s his wife. Quinn moves up the aisle where she bumps into Ridge seeking a pillow for Brooke. Katie watches their interaction and looks unsettled. Meanwhile, Bill makes a point of wishing Brooke a good flight. After the plane takes off, Ivy chats to Thomas about Australia, Liam worries about Bill, Katie notices Bill’s necklace is missing, and then notices another awkward exchange between Ridge and Quinn. As everyone settles in to get sleep, Katie observes the look on Quinn’s face as she sees Ridge kiss Brooke. Bill muses to Katie that he was sure Ridge would screw Brooke over. Katie hopes he doesn’t. Eric enthuses to Quinn about the state of the family, and she flashes to kissing Ridge. Eric says he loves her, and she returns the sentiment.

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Katie’s convinced that Ridge and Quinn have something to hide when she watches them interact during the flight to Australia.

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