In the studio at Forrester Creations, Katie insists to Brooke that she thinks something is going on between Ridge and his father’s wife. Furious, Brooke screams that Ridge would never do something like that and neither would Quinn! She snipes that it’s ridiculous. Stunned, Katie insists she would never have come to Brooke with this if she didn’t think it were true. Brooke lectures angrily about Katie spouting dangerous accusations just days before her wedding. “I’m so disappointed in you.” Brooke wonders about her sister’s motives. Katie, taken aback, protests that she is trying to protect Brooke. Hollering, Brooke lashes out at Katie for not standing by her. Katie apologizes for upsetting her and is left alone in disbelief. In the office, Ridge and Quinn are surprised by Eric’s arrival. He asks to speak to Ridge…alone. Father and son speak from the heart. Eric is ecstatic that Ridge and Quinn have established a relationship, and Ridge tells his dad everything good in him comes from him. Brooke appears as they express their love and embrace. She’s pleased to see all is well in their world. Eric goes on effusively about his happiness with Ridge making nice with Quinn. Uncomfortable, Ridge responds that he listened to Quinn’s story, that’s all, and says he appreciates her love for his father. Brooke and Eric grin and hug enthusiastically. Brooke makes a heartfelt speech about the family – this is a golden era for them. Eric chortles about moving forward with no guilt about what happened with Quinn.

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In the Forrester design office, Quinn compliments Ivy’s work, but is clearly uptight. Ivy queries about her ‘scary’ mood. Quinn insists she’s not scary…through gritted teeth. Ivy tries again to ask what’s bothering her. Quinn snarks that some people just get on her nerves and makes a cryptic remark about eavesdropping. Ivy gets a sinking feeling that something happened with her and Ridge again. Quinn snaps that they didn’t kiss, but complains at length about Katie being a nosy neighbor who needs to stay out of her business. Katie enters. Ivy hastily excuses herself. Quinn tightly makes small talk about Brooke’s dress before the conversation turns to Australia. Katie notes pointedly that Brooke’s wedding needs to go smoothly. Quinn shrugs – what does that have to do with her? Katie recalls Quinn has been a troublemaker in the past, and notes her ‘downright chummy’ new relationship with Ridge. Quinn accuses Katie of wanting her husband for herself. She warns Katie, who remains unfazed, not to make any more trouble or she’ll regret it.

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