At Forrester Creations, Katie watches the sexually charged conversation between Ridge and Quinn. Talk turns to Liam and Steffy’s wedding. Quinn confirms that Wyatt won’t be going. She’s surprised to hear that Katie will be traveling to Australia. Ridge muses about needing all the help you can get when getting married. Suddenly, Quinn spots Katie in the mirror. Katie enters and Quinn asks about her peeking in the door, as Ridge looks concerned. Ridge-peeping-Katie-BB-HWKatie chirps that she didn’t mean to eavesdrop and over-explains about leaving her phone there. Once alone, Quinn huffs to Ridge that she doesn’t like it. “How long was she watching?” In the studio, Steffy and Liam assure Brooke that Katie is welcome at their wedding. Brooke is pleased – she can’t imagine anything better than having her sister there when she commits herself to Ridge. Frowning, she wonders what’s taking Katie so long retrieving her phone. In the design office, Charlie muses to Pam about re-creating the scene of the crime with the lipstick and napkin. Pam hears voices and snaps at him to put that thing away. A group enters, ready to help Pam finish preparations for a wedding shower. Pam makes everyone hide. Steffy and Liam enter and Rick, RJ, Nicole, Pam, Charlie, and Maya all jump out and yell, “Surprise!” Congratulations are expressed over a champagne toast.

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Katie arrives back in the studio, where Brooke is wearing her wedding gown. Katie looks distinctly uncomfortable. She pastes on a smile and says Ridge should consider himself the luckiest man in the world. Brooke enthuses that they’re finally going to have a life together. Katie snaps a photo of her sister. Brooke babbles happily in the dressing room as Katie grimaces. She mentions running into Quinn and Ridge who are getting along well these days. Brooke reappears and senses something’s wrong. Katie reveals that Quinn was modeling jewelry for Ridge – she watched them. Brooke snaps that she was spying. Katie admits it. Flustered, she says there was a certain kind of tension, and Ridge touched Quinn – it was intimate. Appalled, Brooke expresses shock at what Katie’s implying. Katie protests – she knows what she saw, and though it sounds crazy, she thinks there’s something going on between Ridge and Quinn! Liam-Steffy-shower-BB-HWIn the design office, the wedding shower continues with those who want Steffy and Liam to know how happy they are for them, even though they can’t be at the wedding. Laughter ensues at the quirky gifts, and the group ‘ahhhs’ when they kiss. The happy couple expresses sincere thanks before posing for a kiss picture. Across the hall, Ridge continues trying to assure an uptight Quinn that Katie isn’t a problem. He shrugs; they’re designers working together, that’s all.

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