At Forrester Creations, Katie is confused as to why Brooke and Ridge want her to be involved in their elopement. They briefly address Katie’s past with Ridge before she accepts. Brooke is thrilled and as they celebrate, Katie asks if her sister has a dress yet. She jokes with Ridge about making the marriage stick for Brooke’s sake. Brooke drags Katie out to see her dress. In the design office, Quinn coaches Ivy on jewelry as they work together. Ivy hopes Quinn’s keen interest in their working relationship isn’t because she’s afraid of what she might say. Quinn carefully says she wants to ensure Eric’s happiness isn’t threatened. Ivy tersely suggests she come down with the flu and miss the trip to Australia. Quinn more assertively reminds Ivy that she explained the situation with Ridge to her satisfaction. In the corridor, Charlie reveals to Pam his plans to confront Quinn about the napkin. Pam frets that he’s still carrying it around. They whisper argue about lipstick shades and proof. Charlie enters the design office with a briefcase of gems and adopts a serious demeanor as Quinn thanks him chirpily and tries to get rid of him. Brooke-Katie-dress-BB-HWHe makes a remark about the red gem being the same shade as Quinn’s lipstick, and Ivy and Quinn exchange a confused look. Quinn pushes a protesting Charlie out the door. In the studio, Brooke tells Katie that her elopement dress will be something special. Katie peeks at an exquisite gown and gushes. Talk turns to Brooke marrying Ridge again. They laugh over Brooke not caring what people think and Katie leaves to retrieve her phone.

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In the Forrester CEO office, Ridge finishes up with a model as Quinn appears. She confides that Charlie may be stalking her. Meanwhile, Charlie reports to Pam that he made Quinn nervous. He smooches Pam unexpectedly and then wipes his lips on a napkin. He slyly muses that his theory was correct – it’s a matter of blotting versus smearing. Pam drags into the design office where he proves Quinn wiped Ridge’s lips because she planted a wet one on him. Pam angrily protests – she never wants to see the napkin again or he’s cut off! Quinn-Ridge-alone-BB-HWIn the office, Ridge and Quinn have a heart-to-heart about what they deserve. Talk turns to accessories and Quinn reveals a new necklace. Ridge admires the necklace. Katie peeks in, as Ridge places the necklace around Quinn’s neck and notes the two stones shouldn’t go together, but she knew they would. He refers to their ‘two misfits’ conversation and whispers intimately, “I remember.” Ridge turns to face Quinn and murmurs, “It’s not easy is it? Being human…”

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