In the Forrester Creations studio, Coco reacts shyly to RJ’s kiss before leaving. In the office, Ridge updates the staff about a photo shoot they’ll do in Australia at the Sydney Opera House. RJ joins them. Thomas and Rick joke about getting him a hard hat after his near miss, and RJ mentions Coco. This prompts Ridge to lecture about security. He appoints Rick as the point person while he’s away. After, Thomas and RJ discuss Sally and Coco. Thomas wonders how RJ talked their father down. RJ brags that he didn’t give him a choice, and smugly reveals that he kissed Coco; he imagines he’s the first Forrester to kiss a Spectra! A secretive smile crosses Thomas’ face. He teases RJ that he’s adorable, and they agree Ridge shouldn’t find out.

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At Spectra, Saul and Sally explain to Shirley how Coco’s spy necklace will work. Sally’s still in a grim frame of mind about using her sister. Soon, Coco arrives with the happy news that everyone at Forrester was nice, but her expression changes as she relays that Ridge didn’t react well to her being a Spectra and fired her. Coco tells the story of saving RJ’s life, and smilingly recalls how RJ stood up for her after. Relief floods the air as she reveals that Ridge said she could stay. Coco giddily admits that RJ kissed her. Shirley gushes about her ‘workin’ it’ as Coco steps out to take a call from RJ. Shirley squeals to Sally, “We are on our way.” Sally’s less enthusiastic. Meanwhile, Coco giggles as she tells RJ she can’t wait to see him again and chides him to stay away from runaway forklifts. Sally-necklace-BB-HWIn the office, Sally holds the necklace and announces she can’t do this – sending Coco over there to spy without her knowing is horrible. Shirley shames her about throwing in the towel without even trying. Sally’s phone rings – it’s Thomas wanting to rehash the RJ and Coco news. He smoothly says he looks forward to seeing her again. Sally’s still upset, but returns the sentiment. After, she complains to Saul and Shirley about ruining Coco’s burgeoning relationship with RJ. Saul gets riled up about Spectras not belonging in the Forrester world. Coco reappears. Sally presents her with the earrings and necklace. Coco is tickled and goes to show Darlita. Sally grimly returns to her desk. She watches Coco’s conversation with Darlita on her screen. Saul enthuses, and Shirley intones, “This is going to work like a charm.”

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At Forrester, RJ thanks Ridge for letting Coco keep her internship and assures him she won’t mess up. Ridge grunts in consternation and wonders what else is going on. He warns RJ to be careful. “She’s a Spectra.”

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