At Forrester, Charlie and Pam debate furtively about the possibility Ridge and Quinn are having an affair. In the office, Quinn is a wreck as she tries to pour a coffee. She admits to Ridge she hardly slept last night. Ridge assures her calmly there is nothing to worry about. Outside, Eric’s arrival snaps Pam and Charlie out of there tête-à-tête and they nervously converse with the senior Forrester as he opines that Ridge and Quinn have a lot more in common than anyone knows. Eric spots the lipstick-laden napkin and teases Pam about workplace romance. Meanwhile, Ridge and Quinn discuss his playboy past. He smirks as she claims she doesn’t want to have sex with him. Quinn feels they’re attracted to the danger, nothing else. The sexual tension bumps up a notch as they ‘shake’ on working together as friends. Eric-Quinn-kiss-neck-BB-HWEric enters. Ridge explains they’ve decided to get along. Eric blithely says can’t wait for Ridge to see the same things in his wife that he does. In the corridor, Pam tries desperately to convince Charlie that Ridge worked too hard to reconcile with Eric to blow it by cheating with Quinn. Charlie’s still skeptical. Eric reappears and thanks Charlie for fixing the powder room door. Charlie awkwardly replies. After, Pam frantically tries to convince Charlie to drop his suspicions. Charlie sighs. He hopes Pam is right. Still in the office, Quinn pleadingly tells Ridge they’re acting like teenagers and it’s ridiculous. He hushes her. They re-express their intention to have nothing more happen between them. After, Charlie peeks in and watches them as they work.

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In Bill’s office, he jokes with Brooke about all the cash she gave him for his birthday burning a hole in his pocket. They grin. Brooke turns serious; she hasn’t forgotten anything they shared, including how much he loves her. Bill confirms that Liam and Steffy will be seeing him on his birthday, though there are other ways he’d like to be celebrating. With a mischievous glint in his eye ask Brooke to come with him. On the rooftop, looking out over the city at night, Bill turns to look into Brooke’s eyes as he tells her the building represents his wealth and power and met everything to him…until her. Bill makes a dramatic gesture – he will gift Brooke his sword necklace. Every day when he looks in the mirror and notices it missing, it will serve a reminder of the one thing he wanted more than anything else but couldn’t have. Brooke gasps as Bill places the necklace, a ‘talisman that contains power’, into her hand and kisses it. In awe, Brooke tears up.

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