Bill welcomes his friend Emmy (The Talk’s Sheryl Underwood) into his office at Spencer Publications; he’s happy to have her on board. Emmy gushes thanks to Bill for hiring her and leaves to find Alison to show her the ropes. Brooke appears in the doorway. Bill is pleasantly surprised and clearly moved – she remembered his birthday! Brooke teases about how grumpy he always is about his birthday. Emmy appears with a replica hot air balloon full of cash – it’s from Brooke Logan. Bill indicates Brooke is in the room, and Emmy excitedly congratulates her on her engagement to Ridge Forrester. Bill-Brooke-surprise-BB-HWOnce alone, Bill takes an intimate tone as he tells Brooke the gift reveals how well she knows him as it incorporates two of his favorite things – money and one of his best memories of them. Brooke husks that she will always remember Aspen. The conversation turns a little more serious as they discuss their love and Brooke pushes gently for them to be friends. “I don’t want to lose you.”

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At Forrester Creations, Pam enthuses about ‘sparkly’ newlyweds Zende and Nicole, and Quinn and Ridge exchange a furtive look amid the banter and laughter in the boardroom. Talk turns to weddings, and Ridge reiterates that he and Brooke won’t impose on Steffy and Liam’s big day. Charlie tightly observes that Ridge must be really committed to Brooke. Taken aback, Pam drags him out and questions his ‘off’ behavior. Charlie becomes intense and dramatically confides that what he saw in the bathroom the other night led him to believe that Ridge isn’t all that eager to marry Brooke – in Australia or anywhere else! He reveals that when Ridge left the washroom after being locked in with Quinn, she wiped his mouth with a cocktail napkin. Charlie whips out the napkin. “Lipstick, Pammy. This could be bad. Very, very bad.” In the boardroom, Ridge asks Rick why he called the meeting. Rick reports good news in sales. Quinn beams and notes it’s amazing what teamwork can accomplish. With a glint in his eye, Rick comments on the new ‘understanding’ between her and Ridge. Maya finds their collaborative designs exciting. Ridge is clearly uncomfortable with the conversation and adjourns the meeting. Once alone, Ridge confirms to Quinn that their relationship has been good for the company and family, but what happened in the powder room can never happen again. Quinn nods tensely. In the hall, Charlie hastily changes the subject when the others talk about Quinn softening Ridge’s edges. After, Pam gapes as Charlie questions whether Quinn’s lipstick was already on the napkin before she wiped Ridge’s mouth…or not. She is further scandalized when Charlie proposes that Ridge and Quinn are having an affair, and announces that they have to tell Brooke!

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