At the Forrester mansion, Quinn tells Ridge and Brooke she’s happy to hear they’re remarrying in Australia. When Ridge kisses Brooke, Quinn looks away, uncomfortably. Meanwhile, Eric’s locked in the bathroom upstairs. Charlie walks by, hears his call for help and is able to get the door unstuck. Eric arrives downstairs as Pam serves hors d’oeuvres. They toast to a brilliant future while Quinn and Ridge make clandestine goo-goo eyes at each other. Eric’s glad to see his son and wife getting along. Brooke thinks they’ve realized how similar they are. They drink to the two focusing on these similarities. Quinn quickly takes off under the guise of getting more food.

Watch Quinn and Ridge indulging in this make out session

At Spectra Fashions, Saul snacks on Cheetos, irritating Shirley who wonders how he can eat at a time like this. Sally sighs that there hasn’t been one order. Darlita wonders why they’d let Coco go work for Forrester when they need her there. Shirley enunciates when she over explains that they’re using Coco as a spy.

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Back at the Forrester mansion, Pam and Charlie cook and wonder if Quinn really has evolved. Meanwhile, Ridge takes off to the bathroom and walks in on Quinn powdering her nose. He apologizes and turns to leave but the door is stuck! They try idle chit chat but can’t take it any longer and start making out. Quinn stops things and Pam and Charlie hear them calling for help. They let them out and then Charlie witnesses Quinn wipe off smeared lipstick from his lips. He grabs the tissue and furrows his brow. Quinn and Ridge head downstairs where they reveal what happened. Brooke and Eric laugh uproariously but Quinn is flushed. When everyone’s backs are turned, Quinn tells Ridge that was the last time…

Episode # 7533Just In: Teen drama on Dr. Phil, and David Spade on Ellen

At Forrester Creations, Coco finishes up her intern interview with RJ and Thomas. She and RJ share a moment before she leaves. The men discuss Coco, who they feel would make a great intern. But they can’t discount the fact that she’s a Spectra. Still, they decide to give her a shot.

Coco arrives at Spectra and they grill her about the interview. She was dazzled, she admits. party-at-spectra-as-coco-gets-internship-bb-abcThomas calls Sally, telling her how impressed they were with her sister. They’re offering Coco the position. Sally tells the others and they all jump up and down with glee. When Thomas asks how things are going, Sally slyly says they’ve found a way to stay afloat. After Sally disconnects, they party and then Shirley breaks it to Coco that they need her to be their spy at Forrester Creations. Coco’s shocked but Shirley explains it’s time to get back to their basics. Sally admits she’s not okay with this but there is no other way. Coco refuses them.

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Spectra Fashions faces a challenge.

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